WDS Fantasmique! and Great Movie Tram Ride!

Started by Columbiad, January 13, 2010, 08:11:50 PM

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I wanted to share with you a wee photoshop of Fantasmic! (Fantasmique!) dropped into the WDS Parc. I was pretty chuffed with it, and I re-landscaped the area around Moteurs! to accomodate so many people. I used the Moteurs! auditoriums, just to give a sense of scale. Not at all sure what would happed to the Dragons In London set. It seems a shame to scrap it, but I think visitors are a bit confused by it, considering it isnt a recogniseable film.
Sorry the pictures a bit small.

I also imagined a new ride, to be placed in the area of woodland above the Tram ride. Its called The Great Movie Tram Ride. Essentually it starts off the same as the original tram ride. A bored sounding CM begins drearily addressing the various props from films no-ones heard of blah blah blah... you begin to wish you got in line for Crushes Coaster....when the Tram stops. The CM directs you attention to a strange looking object on one side of the Tram. Its one of the only exsisting Multi-Plane cameras, designed by Walt Disney himself. The CM lists some history of the object, but while hes talking, the Camera begins to sparkle (LEDS) and smoke begins to pump out from underneath it. Suddenly the whole Tram begins to rock to and fro (moving platforms under the road). The CM is alarmed. This wasnt meant to happen. Suddenly, the Tram shoots off at an-unatural pace (having been connected to a traditional Omnimover curcuit), skidding round corners. Suddenly, it smakes thorugh a gaste signed 'Cast Members Only: NO ENTRY!' and the Tram finds itself in a small courtyard.
Modeled after the real studios in California, the courtyard is surround by the traditional Sound stage style buildings, execpt theres a more elegant feel to them. A 'Partners' fountain sits in the middle, surrounded by lush trees. Signs are dotted around, saying things like 'Inking', 'Sound Effects' and 'Recording Studios' etc etc. The Tram trundles its way into one of the buildings.
Inside its Dark. Pitch black. The CM apologies and with a small click, cold halogen lights flicker on. The room is small, and is lines with tables piled high with spools of movie-reel. The CM announces he'll be calling for help, when he room plunges into Darkness. The walls sparkle (LEDs), and (through the means of projects) we see the spools float up, and begin to unwind. The room is filled with flashing. (During this, the Tram moves into the next  section) Suddenly theres light. Your in you favouiate film.

From here it carries on much like the Great Movie Ride in Florida, traveliing through the movies, and with the CM getting involved with the AAs. Perhaps it travels through a few more extra rides, like POTC or Narnia. At some point, we meet the Witch of West, who, once defeated, warns us.
After the final film, the Tram trundles back outside, but its not over yet. It takes us to a hot set. To Catastrophe Canyon. The Wicked Witch appears (AA), and tells us she did warn us. With a cackle and a puff of smoke, she vanished with a rumble. The rumble grows bigger, and this leads to the events that normally happen in the Canyon.

In comparison to some other ideas ive heard with what to do with this space, this ride isnt the best.

Heres a layout of the ride (Also with Fantasmique!).

Thats very long post. If any moderators see nessacary to split it, feel free. It was really the pictures I wanted to show, but It got out of hand. :D


That looks wonderful!
Love the idea of the Tram Tour which is going through the buildings :D

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The Butlin Boy

Wow, that is a very creative and interesting concept, it'd certainly liven up the STT (then again, most things would! :P )

Thanks for sharing your ideas and designs :)  =D>


Wow great idea Columbiad, very well thought out and creative well done  =D>   I love the photoshopped pictures too, top work :D

Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"it'd certainly liven up the STT (then again, most things would! :P )
You're not wrong there, you could just have me sitting on a chair beside the Dinotopia set while doing science revision and that would still add more excitement to it :P
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Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! Glad you like them. :)


Really impressive, thanks for posting! I agree with all the comments above, it would make our STT soooo much more entertaining!


Now forgive me, I haven't been on the Floridian STT for a very long time - is It much more interesting than ours? How?


It's not really, I still found it pretty boring - the preshow with the water tank is clever and a nice addition, but the rest was pretty similar to ours with the canyon set, a vehicle graveyard and some other random props. Your idea would be fantastic, I like the idea of popping in and our of different studio buildings, it could even lend itself to some nice 'near miss' situations with other trams!
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