The Sorcerer´s Apprentice Magic Show!

Started by lil-shawn, January 11, 2010, 06:59:05 PM

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Hey ya folks, after i presented you the concept of my Action Studios, i worked again on this new land for the Walt Disney Studios, but this time it will be for an attraction.
Now i will give you the first Story of an attraction i ever created.
I Hope you will like it, and you will have fun reading it.

QuoteThe Sorcerer's Apprentice Magic Show - The Story!

Back Story
New York Streets 1920. A little Group of people bought 4 brickstone Houses, in one of them they find items who are related to the legendary Sorcerer of New York. The Group decided to make a Tour through the house of the Sorcerer, they believed to make good money out of it.
So the house will stay in its original look, just the big entrance hall will get a little overhaul.

The Entrance Hall
The entrance hall is very large, to hold 700people. In the middl of the Room we have a larg mirror. The Tour guide will stand in front of the mirror to tell the story of the sorcerer. After all visitors are in the room the door gets closed. The tour guide goes in front of the mirror and says: "Welcome Ladys and Gentleman, Boys and Girls to the house of the legendary Sorcerer of the New York Streets. Today i will gide you through his house and tell you the story about him". Then the lights go out for about 3 seconds, and a little spotlight goes on. The Tour guid dissapered, and in front of the mirror you see the Sorcerer (audioanimatronic). Now he speaks to the puplic: "welcome to my house Ladys and Gentleman, Boys and Girls. Today i will take you on a magic trip to the New York of Today".
Then the Sorcerer waves his wand over his head in the circle. The roof of the room gets a nice starry night sky, the walls will turn from the normal house walls into the New York Skyline. The sorcerer says: "now lets go to the amphitheatre at Central Park, just go through the magic door". Then a lot of fogg komes and the sorcerer dissapears.

Central Placa Amphitheatre
A voice in the background says: "please take a seat, keep quiet and enjoy the Show". The walls of this room will have the skyline from New York like you were really there. You hear the cars, birds and crickets. After everyone sit on its place a thunder goes through the room. All the noises you heard before are quiet. Then the Sorcerer appears and make his illusionist Show. The show will go 15min. At the end the Sorcerer says: "now lets travel back to the New York Streets of 1920. I hope you enjoyed the show". He waves his wand again and the walls in the room turn into brickstones so that the room will look like a cellar. Then the sorcerer dissapear and the tour guid appear again. He will lead you out of the cellar and you are back at the New York Streets at the Walt Disney Studios.

For this story or for this idea i took the whole day, and its still not done, but am not an illusionist so don´t know what to do in the show itself. but i think this will be something special and unique for WDS!
Also am working on the story of the National Treasure Coaster, this will be huge and i work on it now for almost 3 days. When done i will post it here too, but i know it will be far away from perfect, but good enough to post it  :)