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Started by Columbiad, January 07, 2010, 08:58:49 PM

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Hello! It's my first post! (yaaayyy!)

I realized that many of the normal parades featured the hero/heroines prominatly displayed and the villians defeated, skulking somehwere on the float. So for a Halloween Parade, I wanted to turn that round, and so I designed a parade that featured the villians triumphant and thier hero/heroine defeated.
First of all, my scanner died on me yesterday, so I'm sorry about the quality of pictures!

The parade begins with dancers and lesser villians (The Fates, Pain a & Panic etc) carrying the banner announcing the paradde (apologies for the naff title..)

The First float we encounter is Maleficant/The Queen's float. The first half is Maleficant. She stands tall (on a platform concealed by her cape) as she covers the float with thorns. Behind her, Aurora is held captive by the thorns and Maleficants minions (stationary characters) The wall behind Aurora has small explosives/strobe lights, that can be used when Maleficant fires at Aurora with her magic (missing everytime of course).

The other side has the Evil Queen, concocting a potion in front of a smoking cauldron. Snow Whites hand and a bitten apple emerge from under a curtain. A screen behind the curtain shows a stormy night.

The next Float is the Queen of Hearts. This float has the Queen on of a platform, in front of which is black and white tiled slope. Topiary flanks it. In the centre of the slope, Alice sits surrounded by Card-Guards. The heart behind the Queen is surrounded in flashing bulbs.

Heres a concept for  her costume, incorperating ideas from the new Alice in Wonderland film.

On the other side of this float is Cruella, walking down a catwalk, with House of DeVil fashions modeled by tailors dummies. I struggled the fit the puppies into this float - any ideas?

Next, its Doctor Faciliers DLP debut. Sitting atop a voodoo style throne (that spins round), while Tiana sits in a cage beneath him. The float is made of a semi-transparent material, meaning his signitaure shadow goons and tarot cards  can be projected from within, much like the Leota effect in Phantom Manor.  

Next it's Phantom Manor. Unfortunatly, I've lost the first half of this parade (which featured the grand-staircase) and so this half is the grave-yard.

Here are some concepts for Lady Phantom ballroom dancers...

Next, its Ursula, (here a cast member in padding and extreme make-up) with a lead connected to a fish-bowl, in which Ariel sits. These two mini-floats are like the ones in FantIllusion, with a cast member sitting inside the float. Ariels float is propelled by the actress walking, whilst Ursulas is electric. The Flotsam and Jetsem puppets from Disney's Once Upon A Dream Darade would accompany them.

Floats that I havent drawn yet, are a Hook float, with Hook and Smee in a rowing boat in front of Skull Island (with Pan, Wendy etc tied to rocks), a Jafar float, featuring Jafar on a platform held up by the Genie in chains, and Aladdin and Jasmine in cages/giant hourglass, and possibly Yzma in a carraige pulled by Kronk.

Ending the parade would be Minnie and Mickey, dressed up, and waving to the crowds from this Burton-esque green, purple and orange pavilion, surrounded by pumpkins. Heros and Heroines could accompany them dressed as thier relevant villian, but this could get confusing with costumes.

The parade woul preferably take place in the evening, and will use a combination of UV Lighting and traditional coloured theatrical lighting. Almost all the floats would feature some sort of smoke or bubbles.

Taadaa! Phew, that was a long thread. Hope you enjoyed it.  :D
What do you think? Any ideas?


I love it, your drawings are great and the idea behind the parade is
really nice, i would love to watch it on my halloween visits to DLP!!


Great floats, they'd look awesome in real life.

I wish I could draw like you too, these pics are so good!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the idea. Thanks for checking them out!


That's great man!
I would love to see those floats in the Halloween Parade  =D>

Beautifull sketches by the way! :o
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Welcome to the forum Columbiad, you sure know how to make an entrance! :P

These drawings are incredible, I can really visualise these floats making their way up Main Street in October, and to be honest it'd be great if they did :)

Although I think I would have renamed the 101 Dalmations float to "Cruella's [strike:dbnjevya]Cat[/strike:dbnjevya]Dogwalk" instead. I'd also have the other fab 5 characters (Donald, Goofy, etc) dressed up around the final float too, and probably Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas somwhere in there too (perhaps on the Phantom Manor float?)

Well done, and thanks for sharing =D>


Great idea!!
Really Good pictures and a terrific overall idea

Can't wait to see the other floats! :D
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Great ideas, some magnificent drawings and I would sure love to see this parade running down Main Street U.S.A in October. The last two years I have been their during Halloween and although the pre-parade is good as it is now, I have wished for a real Halloween Parade both years and here you bring the solution :D

Welcome to the forum by the way

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Welcome! Your drawings are amazing, these floats would be perfect for the Halloween Parade as the fellow forum members said already.  :ears:


Fantastic! May I make a suggestion, Try and add an Scar float to it with a Scar puppet on Pride Rock (which is all scattered with elephant bones) and have a Simba puppet trapped underneath some elephant bones.
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wow what brilliant drawings!! Sounds like a really great twist for a parade. Would love to see it in action


This would be a great parade i would love to see it!
Could you add a float with jafar please.
Would the other disney villians like the stepsisters and gaston be at the beggining of the parade too?
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I'd like to see a proper Halloween parade also, not just a pre-parade.
I must admit that the old Halloween pre-parade was a lot better than the one they have now (although that's pretty fun to watch too), so if they would just rebuild all those floats into a proper parade then that would be brilliant :)
And a nice change from the Once upon a Dream parade too!


That's funny, I am speaking about a Halloween layover for Once Upon a Dream here...



I'm in love with this idea!
Your a very talented artists, I wish Disney had people like you working for the entertainment department.
I understand the budget for this would be huge and considering it would only be out one month a year :(
But then maybe Disney could hold heros&villains partys throughout the year in WDS and use these floats?