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Started by charlied, May 23, 2009, 07:31:09 PM

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Ok, so back in the eighties Disney had to choose between the UK, France and Germany for a European Disneyland. As we all know they went with Paris and the rest is history, I think that was probably the best choice. But does anyone know of the proposed locations that Disney were looking at for the UK. It would be interesting to see if a Disney Resort was proposed just on my doorstep :P

And while I'm at it if you had to put a Disneyland in the UK where would you put it. For me it would be the Kent/Essex area around the River Thames, because of the great Eurostar and motorway links, because it's within an hour's drive of my house and everyone in the South East  :D and because it would help the regeneration of that area, what with London 2012 and all the rest.


The UK didn't make the final shortlist. So really there was/still is little chance that Disney will come here.
The country just isn't central enough.

The final 4 shortlist was between Spain and France.

I always heard that the number one site in the UK was near Nottingham. Can't remember where I heard that though.


I think the UK was crossed out from the list because of the location, Paris for instance is more central in Europe, and easier to get to than the UK because you'd have to cross the water, thus making a country on the mainland more easier to get to and would be more attractive to people in countries next to France, thus making France or Spain more propable. Though i also remember the Nottingham thing.

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Quote from: "charlied"For me it would be the Kent/Essex area...

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Somewhere around Ebbsfleet could have actually made for a good location, but it would have absolutely relied on things like the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and maybe even the new Crossrail being completed, so it would unfortunately have been crazy to choose it back in 1987.

I think the UK could be a great place for Disney to explore other ideas, though. For example, why have they never opened a World of Disney in London?? The Disney Store on Oxford Street is horrible (unless they've redone it in the last six months) yet very busy, and look at how popular Hamley's is!

A Disney hotel in the centre of London would also be a good tie-in with their West End shows and Adventures by Disney. So many of Disney's early films referenced British locations and stories there'd be masses of material to draw from. It could be completely, ridiculously British - as if part of that imaginary Peter Pan London which doesn't quite exist. Each floor could use a different film - the Banks' house from Mary Poppins, the skewed rooms early on in Alice in Wonderland, the Darlings' house from Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians... That'd be something to attract both Brits and foreign visitors, and wouldn't take anything from DLP. In fact, it'd be a perfect stop-off.


I'm so glad they picked France. It seems like it was definitely the best choice. I can't see there being a Disney resort in Spain for some reason. Does anyone know what cities were being considered for the Spanish resort? Barcelona? Madrid?


Disneyland Resort Ebbsfleet  doesn't have much of a ring to it  :lol:

I'm glad there isnt one in the UK, but i do think we should have a WOD in London and maybe a permanent DCL dock.
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Spain was the final decision to build the European Disneyland, but just when they were about to announce it... Boom!!! a bomb attack by ETA terrorists near the area made Disney turn their sight to Paris.