Just can't get away from the "15th Anniversary" Logo .......

Started by Pete's Dragon, July 22, 2009, 03:18:13 PM

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Pete's Dragon

It doesn't matter where you seem to go, that darn 15th Anniversary logo always pops up. The banners on Main Street may be down, and the Castle has been vandalised with different decorations. But there are still some dark corners of the world where the Logo lives on.

And that's basically the reason of this post, to catalogue those little bits that the clean-up crew missed. Incidentally, maybe they should send some of them round to DLRPMagic !!  8)

With everyone coming back, or about to leave for the Magic, have you any evidence that the 15th Anniversay is still taken place. Post away with your findings !!!

The Butlin Boy

Well there's this from the Photos Magiques News Update from the 5th-6th July:

Can you spot it? :P


well google street view in Disneyland paris took images during the 15th anniversary (+halloween!)

Main Street USA: http://tinyurl.com/googlemainstreet
Central Plaza: http://tinyurl.com/googlestage
you get the idea!

Its not easy to update the images I guess for every 'theme' as a google car has to drive around the park!


Quote from: "Pete's Dragon"Incidentally, maybe they should send some of them round to DLRPMagic !!  8)
Haha, thank you for that first example.

I only just last week realised the "15" was still at the top of every single page on www.dlrpreview.com and had to quickly remove it... it looks odd now, but they'll be wiped out as the pages are gradually refreshed.

Funnier thing on that page is the title "Coming in the future: Hotels!". When exactly will this website add those pages? During the 20th Anniversary? Tssch :roll:

Loads of people still seem(ed) to be arriving at the parks with 15th-branded tickets.


Oh that´s nothing. You just have to stay at DL(R)P at the moment. You will get 15. passports, the really BIG bags with the 15-logo and some other signs of the 15. birthday. Maybe another example of cost cutting. Like it much more then this operating hours thing...
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ha ha, i got a 15th anniversary bag for shopping :P didn't notice till i got home and my mum says "Wasn't that 2 years ago?" lol
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Walts heir

It is still present
I can't believe how long the 15th anniversary went onbut it was great alot better than mmp atleast the castle didn't look like it had been vandalized


Quote from: "Riebi"the really BIG bags with the 15-logo and some other signs of the 15. birthday.
Nothing annoys me more at the parks then when you see outdated stuff and decorations still being given out and still up!
It also appears not just DLRP who do it though. When on the Disney Wonder this year, I was a little confused as to why they were still issueing happiest celebration on earth bags. WDW's tickets and bags were also from the YOAMD.
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Walts heir

I agree but we have to understand how yard it is too completely remove a logo that has been  huge part of the park for over 2 years


Burger Boxes in Pizza Planet still have the 15th logo on it.

However, I'd rather see them using up existing stock than pulping it in favour of of a new design.