Our Disneyland Paris Wish List

Started by Anthony, October 23, 2009, 12:41:48 AM

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Yeah they do seem to care about guest feedback. I've seen several CM's around the resort surveying guests, and I've been surveyed myself once (though it was only a "how many times have you been?" and "what hotel are you staying at?" type of survey - didn't ask for any opinions). It's just that the majority of guests won't have had a lot of experience with Disney so won't know what the standards used to be like. If everyone knew how much better the parks, the entertainment, the hotels etc. used to be I'm sure everyone would be complaining about these things!


Fantasia Gelati.  The tower on top looks derelict.  I've been expecting them to paint it for several years now, but it never happens.

Also, the central turntable on Dumbo is covered in huge rust patches.

Turn on the waterfall at the top of the first lift hill on Big Thunder.


I did one of these surveys ,years ago just after the Studios had opened ! Although we were in the main park they were very keen to get our opinion on the Studios , which I think he regretted asking once I got started ! :roll:
How long we spent in there , were we ate , what we didn't or did like about it .Obviously a lot of people had similar answers about the lack of themeing etc as Hollywood Boulevard was built etc, so they really do want know what people think ,and it seems act on it !!