Victoria's Burnt-Style Restaurant

Started by Anthony, April 11, 2006, 07:23:47 PM

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It seems they overcooked their waffles at about 16.00 yesterday.  Just as the Wonderful World of Disney Parade ws about to begin, I was heading to the TGV station on my way home through Discovery Arcade when I noticed smoke pouring out of a vent in the porch of the arcade, in the wall where Victoria's kitchens are.

(the smoke was coming out from just above that light on the far left of the picture, the whiteness outside is due to the sun, not a smoke cloud!)

The smoke was spreading right through the arcade, and the whole place had a horrible smell of really badly burnt cookies or waffles... lol  Cast Members were coming out of all the shops to see what was going on, and within a few minutes a security guy was there radioing someone.

I only had 20 minutes to collect my bag and get my train, so I couldn't watch the drama unfold further. :lol:  It was interesting to see what they did when something like this happened though - most of the CMs stood and watched, along with quite a few guests.

As I was going through the exit, I heard a fire engine siren over the back of Main Street...  :?

It didn't look that serious though.  :)