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Started by Japper, May 16, 2008, 05:12:42 PM

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Captain Pan

Quote from: "Japper"Or what about an 'smoke' screen with nemo projections just like they use for the davy jones projection in pirates (anaheim)?

I like that idea.

There's one problem this topic has done for me... Ever since looking at the what was construction site when I last visited the park, the imagination of how the ride was going to be like and what it sounds like the reality is... I'm not really looking forward to trying to get aboard. But... I'll give it a go... and am greatfull for all the ideas on how to improve the ride


Quoteand what it sounds like the reality is...

It's a good ride, period.  Besides, who doesn't want to improve the other classics like Space Mountain, Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean,...  Don't forget Crush's Coaster isn't an E-Ticket... It's not build with the same budget and immersive theming as an E-Ticket would have been.


Some great ideas so far.

It's a shame WDI or whoever decides these things can't seem to break it out of the usual format of what a D or E Ticket must and must not have and at least improve the queue. They do all these surveys about guest satisfaction, but I'm sure adding a few extra props, some extra signage, maybe even some of those small closed circuit monitors the director watches on a movie set would make a massive difference for WDS. All Maarten's ideas are great.

The attraction scores generally good on DLRP Review, but the major major complaint is the bad queue. My own bit of Imagineering would be to turn it into "Dory's Film School", since she's weirdly missing from Crush's Coaster. She's going to pass on some of the tips she learnt whilst on "Finding Nemo". Only, they're not very good... and she keeps repeating things and forgetting things. Just have her pop up on various small screens and maybe install a few closed circuit cameras, so you can see yourself on the screen and practice your facial expressions.

That would cost, what? A few hundred Euros? Maybe into the thousands for a decent voice actor and new animation. Forgive the pun, but that's a drop in the ocean compared to even a single day's park ticket takings at the WDS gate.

Oh yeah, "Backstage sighted" - that reminds me, COVER UP THE GAPS IN THE FENCE! I was beginning to think as I watched every Disneyland Park CM walking over to the costuming building that they'd left massive gaps on purpose to make the queue more interesting. Grow some extra plants or cover the gaps with extra wood.

I love Maarten's idea again of a longer queue, more spread out. If they pushed the queue further back, there'd be enough room at the exit for a ride photo stand... kerching.

Captain Pan

One question...

Crush's Coaster is supposed to be 'set' in the EAC? right?
Now like most rides i assume it comes with its safety spiel (Keep your legs and arms in the veichle at all times, please remain seated until the car becomes stationary... and so on...)

But do we get little Squirt's speech on haw to exit the EAC at Sidney? If not that dialouge would work perfect either right at the start of the ride on as suggested by Japper a 'smoke' screen...
Here's the dialogue
Quote from: ""Good Afternoon. We're going to have a great jump today. Okay, First We crank a hard cutback as you hit the wall. There's a screaming bottom curve, so watch out. Remember Rip it, Roll it, and Punch it


How about some screens installed in the waiting area, that shows what they are 'taping' right now on the set! And then you just use some scenes from the epcot nemo ride

Quote from: "raptor1982"Don't forget Crush's Coaster isn't an E-Ticket... It's not build with the same budget and immersive theming as an E-Ticket would have been.

But why don't make it an E-ticket? It has proven it's popularity... I know it's a good ride but it just has so much things that can really upgrade the ride!



i am going in WDS in July with my 5 years old kid.
Do you think it is a good idea to ride Crush's Coaster with her?

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Quote from: "geomelin"i am going in WDS in July with my 5 years old kid.
Do you think it is a good idea to ride Crush's Coaster with her?
Questions like this belong in the Trip Planning forum, please!


great ideas for the queue anthony- but i think that the main problem is the actual coaster section. after the dark ride bit with its absolutely gorgeous themeing comes to an end you are just left in a big dark warehouse. i appreciate the bubble projections and the occasional character that they have on the walls, but i was expecting a lot more. would it really be impossible to surround the track in a tunnel on which you can project images? it needn't be too thick- maybe just fabric supported by steel ribs with projections being shone through from outside of the tunnel?


The biggest Crush's problem is the queue

"we need" to find a solution for that before thinkin at the ride!!!
I think that if all the guest can see the coaster section, the 40% will not go in the queue; the biggest defect is that nemo attracts the wrong target!

There are a lot of guests that come to me asking:
  "is this attraction terrifing like nemo?"
and so much 20/30yo people that ask me:
  "what can we do after Tot, Rock[..]coaster, and Armageddon?"
  "Crush's coaster! ..a mix of dark ride and spinning coaster"
  "Really, isn't it a child mini-coaster?"

I listen that kind of "mistake" everyday...REALLY!
..and don't forget that SO MUCH not english people don't really know what's coaster means! (french: Montagne Russe, italian: Montagna Russa ....)

1th solution:
We/they heve to found a way to show what kind of coaster is that
2th solution:
They have to make an attractive queue line! ..whit some interactive things!

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