Space Mountain: Mission 2.5

Started by mehdi5, February 10, 2008, 04:03:04 PM

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Yesterday i was riding SM:M2 and it wasn't hard to notice that Space Mountain: Mission 2 is having a lot of problems so i had a idea for a sort of Mission 2.5.
Here are some ideas i have.
-Upgrade of the current special effects: Just some software upgrades and stuff so the effects don't break down that often.
-Train upgrade: Make the trains shake less because sometimes the ride can be very painful.
-New Soundtrack: Although i still like the current Mission 2 soundtrack i still think it doesn't have a lot of things that the original soundtrack could achieve. My idea for the new versions would be something like the current soundtrack but let the music begin at the start of the ride instead of letting the music start in the dome ecause Mission 1 did start at the beginning and it was quite exciting having the music before the launch instead of a plain 3, 2, 1.
-Line upgrade: The current line is quite plain and could use an upgrade, maybe something like the california version of the line or something else in Mission 2 style.
Those wer'e my ideas, anybody else have ideas or comments that they would like to share about this?

The Butlin Boy

I agree with you Medhi, these things do need to be addressed in the ride, especially the sound. I'm not quite sure they need to change the name again though :roll:


The only thing that Mission 2 really needs now in my opinion, are new trains.  It's because of the bumpiness that the sound system breaks down.  New effects and music should be done within 7 - 8 years for another mission.


Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"I agree with you Medhi, these things do need to be addressed in the ride, especially the sound. I'm not quite sure they need to change the name again though :roll:
The 2.5 thing was just to say that it is an idea for an update no need for a name change, Mission 2.5 would sound very weird. But Space Mountain has really dropped it's quality the last couple of years, not to say Mission 2 wasn't good but almost every effect fails frequently :(


Does someone know why the sound in mission two breaks down so often, when we have the same trains as in mission one,+they are now supposed to be with better sound system and more speakers???
Also is there any info if Dlp is trying to something about it?


A new sound system was installed in each train, but it turns out not to be as shock-proof as the old system.  (although it's the same as in Rock 'n' Roller Coaster).


I would like to see a return to 'De le Terre à la Lune'. I never got to ride the original attraction, but I've heard the music, and have read numerous reports on numerous forums about how superior it was to Mission 2. I think it would make Discoveryland feel like "Discoveryland" again. I think many fans would like a return to "Mission 1"


I´m also for a upgrated version 1. Take some of the new planet-system effects, get the wonderful old soundtrack back and bring me my loverly moon back instead of this ugly little screen at the end of the lift hill. Looks soooo unreal and cheap.
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i'd like to see a return to de la terre a la lune but with new effects (like the stars & asteroids from smm2 but with a re designed moon. Re-record the old soundtrack so that it sounds lovely (as it was a bit tinny in the old days), keep the launch from the bottom of the cannon but with the old musical build up before the launch, and get rid of all that nasty modern sci-fi theming etc and make it victorian style again  :D