Different foods from different parks in DLRP

Started by CentralPlazaPerson, October 07, 2008, 05:46:50 PM

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Hey guys just thought of an idea.
How about in the Disney Village or WDS, restaurants to the culture of the other Disney Parks?
Tokyo Disneyland - Sushi Bar
Hong Kong - Chinese resturant
WDW - American Beef Burgers etc
Disneyland CA - Same as WDW but slightly different.

These go for the other Disney Parks.
e.g Hong Kong DL could do the same but instead of a Chinese restaurant, what abouta DLRP restaurant? French Cuisine :D

What Do Yo'll Think?

Walts heir

great idea but there are many American restaurants in all disney parks already


very nice idea! maybe like a club 33/New orleans square theme surving the classics like the mint juleps and monte cristo sandwich for Disneyland as its unique to DLR
I would love to see something like this in Epcot, refurbishing a restraunt from a disney park country and adding a exhibit about each resort to give guests a little taste
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I love the idea!
I don't remember seeing any chinese restaurant, that would be cool!


I want to try the famous dole whip ice cream from DL/WDW