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Started by Anthony, March 10, 2006, 07:23:35 PM

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I have aten at several locations but Planet Hollywood is one of my faves. Als very good is La Cantina in Santa Fe and Rain Forest Cafe.
McDonalds was really bad cause my food was cold and I really do hate cold fries.
I also went to Annette's diner but the service there was terrible.. untill the manager came upfront cause I had a complain about a girl. Than he waited my table and he was really great (almost to great... I think he was trying to make up for that horrible girl).
I also ate at the Disney Studio park although I cannot remember the name but it is next to the entrance and it really looked like McD's food to me and also had a pizza in Disney park but that one was really fat but good to eat.. :)


Quote from: "Samninetysix"Spend some money in the lucky nugget - it's brilliant :D

Whats this?
A resturant or snack?


The Lucky Nugget Saloon is deffenitly a restaurant :)

miss disney fan

take a look at the disney site for more details koi ... l#contentj


This is always hard for us as I have 1 child who doesn't eat pork
1 child who doesn't eat any meat & is a picky eater to boot
1 child with tomato & strawberry allergies

THE LUCKY NUGGET SALOON- (*****) The best in my opinion although only 5 of the 8 characters came to our table & my favorite Tigger didn't :cry: didn't see floor show.

CAFE MICKEY- (*****)Great for breakfast haven't gone any other time yet. Had 7 characters around our daughter for her 9th B-day. Cake expensive & too sweet.

PLAZA GARDENS- (**)Didn't think the quality of the food was all that good or fresh compared to Lucky Nugget. We are not seafood fans though and there seemed to be alot of seafood.

FUENTE DEL ORO RESTAURANTE-(***) I liked the chicken fahita's and the little chocolate cakes with the chocolate chips in them are so good!

CASEY'S CORNER- (****) I detest hot dogs but my hubby & son like them and always rave about how good they are.

AU CHALET DE LA MARIONNETTE- (*****) Great counter service place. I always get the chicken & our veggie boy loves the egg sandwhiches.

PIZZERIA BELLA NOTTEE- (**) this last time it was carboard in a box but I remember years ago it was good. Maybe we just had some that sat there too long.

BUZZ LIGHTYEARS PIZZA PLANET- (***) Pizza was ok for a theme park. Kids play area was closed. I like the Pizza Planet at the WDS in FL better.

We would like to try the Princess meal and Walt's but with the picky eaters in our house & the costly prices  probably won' t unless we come without the little ones....


ANNETTE'S DINER- (***) food was ok. Could've been better for the price. portions are large but taste was blahh. Dancers weren't very energetic or enthusiastic. Seemed a little dirty. Once again maybe we cought them at a bad time. In 2002 we remember it was better.

NEW YORK STYLE DELI- (****) I like the panini sandwhiches. A little different from the fast/junk food in the main parks.

Haven't eaten at Rainforest cafe or Planet Hollywood. Seems pricey for quality of food from the reviews I have read.


Hard to choose my favorite possible the place that sells chicken ? thats yummy :P

never been into the park for breakfast
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Foods pretty good at Buffallo Bills Wild West show ... simple but very nice and you eat it out of a sauce pan! Olus you get to watch the show with some very nice looking cowboys in it!


I'd recommend Toad Hall.  The service was a little slow but the food was hot and fresh and they got the order right first time, really nice fish and chips!  In Disney Village I'd recommend the New York Deli place, we went there a couple of times and their panini's are just lovely - they even looked after my hubby's rucksack he left behind containing all our passports, camcorder, camera and money !!


We have just (literally today  :D ) returned from our holiday to DLRP and here are my experiences of the eateries:

Annette's - Lovely food, burgers, big and juicy, loads of chips, kids meals were a good size  and the milkshakes were great.

Steakhouse in Disney Village - We had Sunday Brunch here and it was really lovely - not too busy and the characters came and spent a long time with each table.  The food was hot and tasty with plenty of choice for our varied tastes.  Wine included in the price - very welcome and unexpected!

Pizza Planet - disappointing, the play area was closed for refurb and the food was bland.

Plaza Gardens - we had a birthday tea here as it was my sons 8th birthday, unfortunately, we were extremely disappointed.  The range of cakes was limited and the drinks were all fizzy (no milk or fruit juice)  The characters came around but were monopolised by a few family groups who sent their kids over to interrupt every time the characters came to our table and got in all our pictures.  

Although theses other guests were, in my opinion, extremely rude, the characters did spend a lot of time with them as they were making the most noise I suppose.  Several of the people on tables around me walked out in disgust with their children really upset!  It's a shame that the waitressing staff didnt intervene in some way to ensure that everyone got a fair deal.  As for the food, we didnt have access to the rest of the buffet, just the cakes but there are only so many sweet things that you can eat at one time so we only really had a small amount.  I wouldnt recommend eating here. :(

Overall, I found the food in the parks to be very expensive and the menus are similar in a lot of the take-away's.  I also missed eating fruit and veg as most of the take aways sell 'junk' food with little choice.
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:hercules: so many favs so little time. Annettes Diner-the staff are A* Cafe Mickey is worth every penny, for value toad hall, casey's corner, au chalet de la marrionnette,cafe hyperion and rendez-vous des stars. a must do is the Gibson Girl's ice cream  :tink:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


Quote from: "treble"a must do is the Gibson Girl's ice cream  :tink:

:D we always go there too, just before the parade starts so we can eat our ice cream while watching the parade


When I went last month my favorite place was Anettes, I thought the food was great, a bit on the pricey side but still. It has a great atmosphere and the milkshakes are probably the best I've ever had!

I thought Walts was brilliant too, the staff are top notch and the food is made just right. It also has a great atmosphere and lovely theming.

I also liked the theming in Toad Hall, was quite nice and was very relaxing.

Wendy I kinda agree with you about the menus being the same but I also feel that a lot of different foods can be found around the resort. Tbh if healthy food was avaliable then I probably wouldn't have it anyway. Its a shame you had a bad experience (especially for your son's birthday) at Plaza gardens.
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Last month we really missed the fruit stalls that were dotted around the Park in July '06.
It was such a good idea - great for the children to have cartons of fresh kiwi, melon , pineapple etc. .............
But this year  - none were to be found at all! We wondered if this was because last summer was so hot (40 degrees when we were there), and this year it's been a good bit cooler. But maybe that wasn't the reason.
Anyway I hope these stalls are back next summer!


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