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Started by 15MagicalYears, February 28, 2009, 09:53:06 PM

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This is such a far out idea, I feel it's almost impossible  :(  But it would be a breath taking and just utterly amazing, having a third park for Dlrp.

I want this to be a topic for everyone to pitch their ideas ect, but what I have so far.
This would be similar to Tokyo Disney Sea but obviously not exactly the same, The park would have three pavilians . The main Lagoon / Disney Lagoon / Fantasmic Lagoon. ( Can you guess what would be happening in the Fantasmic lagoon?"  :P.
The main lagoon would be like a huge Main street except on the round.
I really don't have too many details at this moment in time, so pitch in with Ideas for shows, parades, attractions and night time spectaculars  :lol:.


Would Journey to the centre of the earth be added?
I would like that because Jules Verne did write the book and he is from France.
Good Idea 15magicalyears, I would not mind DisneySea at DLRP at all.
Good work  :D


It's a really great idea. But unfortunatly probabaly unlikely. It would be great though. Every Morning coming onto the main lagoon and then  a little greeting could happen. Like Meet n smile at TDR. With Mickey and the gang coming out on this big boat!
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