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Started by lil-shawn, February 24, 2009, 08:03:34 PM

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My ideas for the 20th Anniversary:-

Disneyland Park
- All broken effects fixed.
- More street entertainment (Main Street barbershop quartet, Fantasyland jugglers etc...).
- New attraction: Splash Mountain for Frontierland OR Indiana Jones Adventure for Adventureland.
- New attraction: Winnie The Pooh's Hunny Hunt for Fantasyland (replacing Fantasy Festival Stage).
- Central Plaza returns to it's orginal state and has a "20" shaped bush in the middle.
- The castle and other parts of the park have been refurbished.
- A 20th Anniversary show takes place 3 times a day at the Castle Stage.
- Videopolis is given a proper Discoveryland themed show.
- Main Street is given temporary but classy looking lamposts with ironwork at the top forming a "20".
- A brass band plays several specially written 20th Anniversary songs in Town Square every hour.

Walt Disney Studios
- All broken effects fixed.
- More street entertainment (Push, drummers etc...).
- Hollywood Boulevard extension, Studio Tram Tour station moved back.
- Toy Story Playland cancelled. (Please!)
- New attraction: Ratatouille for Toon Studio.
- New table service restaurant: Gusteau's for Toon Studio.
- Theatre District Placemaking.
- New attraction: Soarin' Over Europe for Theatre District.
- A live action show takes place daily at Place des Stars about the history of cinema.
- The Sorcerer's Apprentice statue in Front Lot has a "20" attached to Mickey's Hand.
- The posters on the front of Studio 1 are changed to 20th Anniversary logos.
- Studio 1 and other parts of the park have been refurbished.

I might add more things if I think of anything.


There are some really good thoughts there RnRCj. Really makes you think what DLRP could do if they wanted to. for example and i think everyone will agree with me that all the broken effects should be fixed.
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hey ya folks,

now i´m done with the last part of my creation for the 20th aniversary.
the last part presents the disney village, the offerings and my wishlist
for attractions...

hope u will like it cause i do   :P

Disney Village:
Festival of the Night!

The biggest party in disney history from april 4th till september 30th, disney villige will transform into the biggest club/disco with the largest dancefloor in the world. A musical event you never seen before.
This will be the experience of your live, your curious?

Disney´s musical night event!
this event will stop you to breath, a laser light show on lake disney, will put you
back to the 1950 with a time-machine showed by lights and lasers. from the 50th you move forward till today, u will listen to the most popular music from the decade´s, with a big and
breathtaking laser lightshow!

Dance through the Night!
the whole disney village transform into one big club/disco, with shops, bars and restaurants.
one big suprise is that the walkway is one big dancefloor... World famous dj´s will play every night music from every decade. A big lightshow will give you the felling you´re in a club...

Offers for the 20th aniversary!
- every disney hotel visitor will get a little special pin for his first visit on the 20th aniversary!
- on the low season disney hotel guest can stay 2 hors longer, at the hig season u will get
  3 hours befor park opening
- special limited fast passes for hotel guests.
- on 4 special times in the year you get -50% maybe for 100 or 200 guests.

Attraction Wishlist!
Tarzan Encounter will get his place between indiana jones and colonel hatti
indiana jones adventure in adventureland
little mermaid ride in fantasyland
new theater for fantasyland with a new big show
new show for discoveryland who fits into the theme of the land
all effects will work again and the park looks fresh
bring back the old good standart
toystory playland
ratatouille dark ride + restaurant
new shop for hollywood blvd and toon studios
the golden mickey´s show

so folks thats all from my side til now, maybe i will get a new idea one day..

wish all of you a magical day!!


Very good lil-shawn!  =D>

Alright then, I've edited stuff alot from my lastest post on this topic so I have thought new ideas.

Kids 3-12 stay and play free! (Bargain isn't it?)
Characters on Eurostar
Disney Classic Toons playing on the buses

Disneyland Paris Sea:
Located between WDS, Disney Villiage and New Port Bay.
Just think of California Adventure and DisneySea combined.
This is going to be a 3rd gate and the main attractions is a Wooden Roller Coaster themed around a pier and boat rides from Lake Disney to the park.

Disney's All Star Movies Hotel
Similar to the one at WDW, This has different conpects and it is all in one building, One side has the Fab. 5 another side has key characters from the Pixar movies (Inculding UP) and the other Disney classics and Princess'.
The hotel will have 7 floors inculding a cinema, 3 pools, 2 restaurants, pub, games room, gym, Character Breakfast and other things I am going to place in my next post.

Not sure if this would spoil the views of the parks, hotels etc. and everybody is talking about it.
Disneyland Park
Walt Disney Studios
Disneyland Paris Sea
Disney Village
New Port Bay Hotel
Disney's All Star Movies Hotel
New York Hotel (Also inculdes Disney's Sequoia Lodge)
Hotel Santa Fe.
Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

The Monarail will stop in the Disneyland Hotel and is also the stop for Disneyland Park, Guests going to Disneyland Park in the Monarail will wear special wristbands so the CMs will know they are from the Monarail going to Disneyland Park.

More updates coming soon!
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Ok here's mine (will probably be edited when i think of more ideas :P ).

Disneyland Park
  • Castle get's new decorations for the 20th (unsure at the moment what they will be themed of
  • Rest of Main Street get decorated for the 20th (lamp-posts etc) - with be themed to go with the Main Street theme.
  • New Parade celebrating the past 20 years of DLRP parades which will include floats from some of the best parades since the parks opening (ImagiNations, Once upon a Dream Parade etc).
  • All broken effects in the park will be fixed, along with most attractions getting refurbs.
  • Honey, I Shunk the Audience will be closed and replaced with a new attraction - Star Tours 2.0.  The original Star Tours will stay where it is.  Star Tours 2.0 will have 10 Starspeeders but 5 different journeys, meaning only 2 speeders will be showing the same thing.  The 5 stories will be similar with a journey through a meator shower before having to battle with a couple of tiefighters (like in A New Hope).  What is different though is they will all end on different planets, one on Tatooine, one on Hoth, one on Kashyyyk, one on Bespin (Cloud City) and one on Endor.  The enterance will have a giant AT-AT outside like the one in America.
  • Star Tours 2.0 will transform the back part of Discoveryland in a Star Wars mini land, Star Tarders will be made larger and various Star Wars characters will be walking about for photos (Vader, Luke, Stormtroopers etc...)

Walt Disney Studios Park
  • The Earfel Tower will have "1" and "0th" on it's ears, as it's WDS's 10th year opened.
  • All broken effects will be fixed and most attractions will get refurbs.

Disney Village

*Will be updated soon, not yet finished*
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great idea breeno.
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More updates!

Disneyland Park
On Halloween and Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas will take over Phantom Manor.

Walt Disney Studios
Toon Studio will be renamed to Pixar Studio/
Toy Story The Musical from Disney's Cruise Line will replace Animaguie!
Art of Disney Animation have Character Greetings inside.

Disney's All Star Movies Hotel
The hotel will have 5 floors a building and 4 buildings inculding a Restaurant, Arcade, Cinema, Lobby and a Monarail station in one building.

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Quote from: "TowMater"More updates!

Disneyland Park
On Halloween and Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas will take over Phantom Manor.

I love that film, but I couldn't think of anything worse than an overlay of Phantom Manor!


Good ideas TowMater but DLRP already have a Gaumont Theatre and an Imax. Is there any need for a cinema in your new hotel. Well I suppose it would be exclusively for the guests and you showed your room key :lol:

Good Stuff  :ears:

Seems my idea of a monorail is coming along well  :-k  :P


Quote from: "CentralPlazaPerson"Seems my idea of a monorail is coming along well  :-k  :P

That's one thing I would LOVE to see at our resort! I don't know... monorails just really appeal to me for some reason. There'd be no point in having one right now though sadly - only when a third park or a load of distant hotels are built! :roll:


Yes I agree, I think a mix of Disney Sea and California Adventure with a few sprinkles of Epcot would make a third park.
3 main rides
Test Track
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Paris Screaming


This is what I personally think should happen for the 20th Anniversary at DLRP:
Disneyland Park

- All Broken Effects/ Glitches fixed.
- Lamposts inscripted Tempoaraily with "20 Magical Years"
- More shops.
- Disneyland Railroad introduce new scenery around the route.
- New modern speakers around lands for parades (some pop up)
- Le Chateau De La Belle Au Bois Dormat will be fully refurbished and repainted.
- More Street Entertainment
- A Brand new show perfomed at the castle stage daily (12, 3 and 6)
- Rest of Main Street get decorated for the 20th Anniversary.
- New parade celebrating 20 years of DLRP - incl new musical score and old music too  
  with old floats included to show the changes in technology.
- Attractions get refurbished - Updated with state of the art tech.
- Videopolis gets a permanent Disney Show
- Autopia gets new sets of cars and upgraded route
- Casey Junior gets a makeover - Ride gets more thrill into it
- Lights around the park are themed to their lands
- Around the World in 10 mins - It's a Small world evening show.
- Brand new nighttime parade "Disneys Fantasmical Spectacle of Lights"
  (Made up on the spot) Uses old and New Floats again celebrating history of DLRP.
- New lighting for Le Chateau De Le Belle Au Bois Dormat for evenings and xmas etc...
- Longer Parades
- Bigger Parade Routes
- La Di Da Carnival in February expands to the whole resort
- All seasonal events expand throughout the whole resort
- Spectacular Fireworks (Summer/ Celebrations/ Events/ - Maybe every evening like it
  used to be!

- New Firework show? Using "Fantasy In The Sky Fireworks" "Wishes" "Believe" "Remember The Magic"?

Walt Disney Studios

- All broken Effects/ Glitches fixed
- Studio Tram Tour gets a MAJOR refurb with addition of new sets - Sort out the Entrance PLEASE!
- Theatre district added - INCLUDES a Broadway style Disney Show
- Most Attractions get refurbished - Updated with state of art tech.
- Fantasmic! added in Theatre District
- Mickeys Philharmagic show added to Theatre District
- WDI Walt Disney Imagineering ~ Old + New Projects and 3D models
- New Areas created - New lighting and sound systems
- 20th Anniversary Makeover - Banners etc New rides!

Disney Village

- Complete makeover and expansion
- New shops, restaurants, bars etc
- Panoramagique Balloon given a "20" Makeover
- Disney Village split up into Districts
- Lake Disney will be home to a Water/ Laser + Firework Show
- Dotto Train from Cafe Mickey to - Hotel New York, Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay Club


- Brand new Park that celebrates the European influence that disney has had on the world? That has lands like London, Rome, Paris, ETC including rides that celebrate that country and their history (LIKE EPCOT BUT THIS IS A EUROPEAN ONLY VERSION)
Includes Soaring, water rides etc that have the theme for that country?

- More Disney Buses or Monorail to link the New Park - Maybe a new colour?

Well theres a few of my ideas!
Well reply and it would be could to hear your views! :D  :D


Quote from: "djdisney"This is what I personally think should happen for the 20th Anniversary at DLRP:
Disneyland Park


Also there wont be any horrific decorations like MMP as we all know!


More updates!

Walt Disney Studios
As mentioned from one of my earlier posts on this topic, Stars n Cars will be the new parade for the park and 4 new cars will be made inspired from the movies of Bolt, PoTC, Ratatouille and Playhouse Disney will make it in the line-up, Wall-E will make a apperance before the first car.

The line-up:

Toy Story - Toy Story Characters lead the car
Mary Poppins
Ratatouille - Emile and chef dancers surrond the car
Pirates of the Carribeen
Mulan - Mushu follows the car
Monsters Inc.
Disney Villians - Disney Villians will lead the car inculding Bowler Hat Guy
Lilo and Stitch
Bolt - Rhino will lead the car
Playhouse Disney
The Little Mermaid
Snow White - Dopey leads or follows the car with the 6 other dwarfs
Mickey - Various Disney Classic Characters lead the car

Disneyland Paris Sea
More updates on the park!

Main Rides:
Paris Screamin'
Test Track (Updated and faster version)
The Enchanted Tiki Room

Disney Party Parade: (Only for the 20th aniversary or permant afterwards)
Similar to Block Party Bash but with different films with squirting guns from floats and dancers on hot days.

Cars Pre Parade (Lightning McQueen & Mater leave the pier gates alongside dancers and water guns/spray bottles)
Trampoline unit
Pixar float - Of course, Toy Story, Bugs Life, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc.
Trampoline unit
Jungle float - Featuring characters from The Lion King, The Jungle Book and Tarzan
Trampoline unit
Bubbles float - Featuring characters from Piniocchio, Dumbo & Others
Trampoline unit
Pirates float - Featuring characters from Peter Pan and Pirates of the Carribeen
Trampoline unit
Finale float - Of course, The fab 5, Tinker Bell and Grand Marsels
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For me, it's like this....

Disneyland park
The whole park is giving a massive lick of paint.

All broken effects fixed

Space Mountain: De la terre a la lune returns with better effects

Jungle Book Splash Mountain added to Adventureland

20th aniversary parade  

I also thought about putting a 'War of the Worlds' ride in Discoveryland but themed to H.G Wells' novel but I'll put more info in the workshop forum

Walt Disney Studios Park
Giving a massive lick of paint

All broken effects fixed

Park expansion

Studio Tram Tour station giving a new theme, new sets from Transformers replace the 'Dinotopia' sets and Journey to the center of the earth set added

Ratatouie (think I spelt it wrong :lol:) ride placed in toon studio

RNRC billboard replaced with a more permenent and better sign

10th aniversary parade

Disney village
Giving a lick of paint


Here Come The Belgians!