Parade stop song in old footage from 2003/2005?

Started by CentralPlazaPerson, March 01, 2009, 11:58:43 PM

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Hey guys I was watching old DLRP footage and I filmed the parade. I think it could be 2003 or 2005 the main 3pm parade ran but then stopped and turned to a different song. It seemed to include Donald Duck quacking lol.
Can anyone tell me what this song was? :D
Thanks CCP :D


Could it have been 2002 at the 10th Anniversary song?
It can be found on the 2 CD 15th Anniversary set.


one parts of the song could be 'quack in time'

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Just watched it again. The start of the chorus seems to say,"Thank you everyone."


Sounds like the 10th Anniversary Song... but that means the footage would be from 2002 (or very early in 2003).


Thank you everyone - 10 years... it's seemed like fun!  :D/

I really loved that show mode/track. Perfect for the times
Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!


Does anyone know where I can listen to this whole song online but not buy it?


You won't be able to legally listen to it online. I haven't even seen a site which has it illegally.
I'm afraid you will have to buy the CD.

You could try a youtube search.