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Started by Adam, January 01, 2009, 08:34:05 PM

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Big news today is that DigitalOne, who run the national digital radio multiplex, are looking for 5 new stations to launch by the end of 2009 at the very latest. They are looking for a mix of existing and new stations, especially plays/books/comedy and speech/music formats. They have also reduced their prices. This looks like the big kickstart needed for DAB digital radio.

Assuming Disney are still committed to DAB, they could go for one of these slots and get a station launched within a short time frame. Hopefully, Radio Disney is on the way!

Any more Capital Disney listeners out there?


A bit of an old thread, but Capital Disney came back to life yesterday to celebrate 5 years since the end of the station. The last day's show and other bits and bobs were broadcast online - great to hear the station again.

If any former listeners want to chat about the old days, you can visit the old The General E forums.

Also, @CapitalDisney are promising something special if they can get up to 70 followers (currently on 18) by Tuesday, so if you are on Twitter, give them a follow!


Just 5 years since I posted in this thread last, but here we go is shortly 10 years since Capital Disney closed - I feel so old!

Anyway, the spirit of the dearly departed station is returning as Radio Rebooted for one week only, 10am on Sunday 28th May to Sunday 4th June to celebrate the milestone. The pop up station is being masterminded by two of the old team, so do give it a listen.

The station is on Twitter (, Facebook ( and


Great thanks for letting me know. I read the posts and felt sad that I had missed out on it. I will look forward to listing in. Set a reminder on my mobile!!!


Sounds good, I might give that a bash next week.

I quite often listen to the Disney Village Radio when I'm missing the place.