The Walt Disney Company: The good and The bad

Started by Owain, December 29, 2008, 10:45:33 PM

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My question is who are the good guys and the bad guys of the walt disney company?

I heard before that Jay Rasulo was bad ?, but then i thought he couldnt have been if he got assigned Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.


Quote from: "Owain"I heard before that Jay Rasulo was bad ?, but then I thought he couldn't have been if he got assigned Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.
Being on Executive Committee's myself for various organisations, my thoughts would deem that in the case of the Disney Company, the directors would know everyone on the board very well, unless they were new and had just been elected or co-opted, but the majority will have been there a while, long enough for them to know each others strengths and weaknesses. :wink:

This being the case, they should know which person to assign for particular skills or tasks, and if they do go wrong, which area's they're likely to mess up. Bearing in mind Disney at this level are more financially orientated, and the decisions they make will be largely based on this conception.  You wouldn't elect a person to a top job of say 'CEO' without knowing the individual inside out.  Making an innappropriate appointment on this scale could cost you millions, and at the same time may risk your own investment, however much that would be.. :wink:  :D

Talking about bad directors, it's a well known fact that these directors do have uses, but on a day to day basis they are usually placed out of harms way within an organisation, and only used when required, usually for voting.  It's just unfortunate that some people that end up as directors do bring a lot of investment with them, which executive directors smile about and who wouldn't.  But at the same time they need to be kept on a leash, freeing them too much would just turn them into loose canons.  Very dangerous.. :roll:

Look at Eisner and Roy Disney, that's a story within itself, but again Eisner could bring in millions to Disney, and that's what counted in the end.  8)

Unfortunately I don't know the Disney Board people well enough to make a good judgement on who the goodies or baddies would be, I'd only end up giving an ill-informed judgement soley based on what I'd heard or read. This would be a hard one to call, since we generally only hear about things when they are publicised, which will be about 20% of the individuals real personality and work efficiency.. :wink:

So I think I'll sit on the fence for this one.. :lol:  :mrgreen: