It's Party Time... with Mickey and Friends (MMP)

Started by Kristof, November 24, 2008, 03:07:20 PM

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The construction fences around Central Plaza are themed now!  :?



#76's say the least :)
No touchy!


I like them  :D  Much better than those green ones they had before...


Quote from: "never2old"I like them  :D  Much better than those green ones they had before...
I totally agree here, I suppose it's another incentive to visitors as they can now use the facia panels for character backdrops for photos, ironically where characters would normally be photographed on the Central Plaza iteself, though on the inner ring rather than the outer one.. :lol:  :mrgreen:

I think DLRP Management must have realised this early on, and it's now that they've acted on it...Well done.  To me the area obscured it quite a sensitive area to start with, especially looking down Main Street, and instead of seeing the bridge to the castle, you see large green facia boards blocking the lower view of the castle and bridge.  At least now, it's abit more Disneyish, rather than looking like the backdrop at Wimbledon.. :mrgreen:

Definitely an improvement.. =D>


It looks like it should have a sign reading "Space reserved for children's party". :sick:

The green fences actually look nicer in my opinion.


I think that the fences look great, yes it might not be the most attractive themeing ever for a construction fence but its better than plain green fences.
Plus its even more advertisement really, and i bet the younger audience of DLRP love it too  :D

The Butlin Boy

I did not see that one coming :shock:  :wink: I don't mind it, I know it's probably going to divide the forum, but it isn't the worst thing in the it? :P


At first i didn't like them, because it was these 3D playhouse disney thing characters again, but not i've started to like.  For one they are better than the old green fences and two it is advertising the celebration.  Anyone remember the ToT fences?  Same kind of thing IMO, the ToT fences worked great becuase it advertised the Tower, this is advertising the stage, much better than "We are working here for your future enjoyment" or whatever the green fences say, i'd much rather want to know whats happening behind the fences =D>  :mrgreen:
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I see this as a taster of things to come, and it makes me sick.

Multicoloured ribbons up and down Main Street... Minnie's Party Train every few minutes... not looking forward to it.

The green fences may have been plain and boring, but these ones are just ugly. I'm wondering what they look like looking down Main Street - they probably stand out more than  the castle. :roll: At least they'll only be up for short while.


The excitement! ...the anticipation! It's a great teaser and not as bad as it could've been... just it's not all that clear what's coming. Hmm
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Whether you personally like this design or not, it's almost unbelievable that DLRP have finally themed a construction fence properly. Remember the ugly cardboard cut-out characters they stuck onto the Buzz and Toon Studio fences? Or the completely boring fences for Tower/Hollywood that gave zero excitement for the great things being built behind?

Scarily, I really like them. In Main Street, I'd object, but here -- great! :)

Maybe it's a worldwide construction fence initiative -- DCA has had some beautiful ones lately for Toy Story Mania, and now new ones for World of Color:


You might be right Kris, ours lack a big logo like that above. Maybe they didn't want to overload Central Plaza with advertising?


I didn't have *such* a big logo in mind, just something a tad larger than the tiny envelope with even tinier text. To go to such time and expense it seems foolish not to use it to their advantage and promote the up-coming 'season'. It's pretty and eye-catching though. I think I'm a fan
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It's starting to take shape, photo taken 30-1-09 >>

Source: Julien59, DCP.


Oh wow! Looking very sturdy and solid. Can't imagine how they're going to cover the outside now they have the steel shell in place. It really did pay off to construct the framework outside the park and lift it in. Looks a lot larger than I expected too

That raised circular bit on the very top... likely to be a trap-door, podium or something?
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Quote from: "Kris"That raised circular bit on the very top... likely to be a trap-door, podium or something?
It's funny, that's just what I was wondering.. :)