I would like to rent a bike at Disneyland Paris

Started by Bettan, October 27, 2008, 08:23:59 AM

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I think it is a good idea if you could rent a bike so you can skip the bus. They should only be for use between Disneyland and the hotels around, even to the hotels in Val d'Europe.

What do you think about my idea?


The Butlin Boy

I like this idea, it has some potential. It could be quite tricky for people to store their bikes somewhere when they arrive if they are, for example, going from their hotel to the parks, or DV, but I'm sure Disney could think of something :)


Well, they could have a system like we have here in Luxembourg, there are several bike station areas around the city, with a few bikes and free spaces. Here you can get a membership card for 1 week (for something like a euro) or for 1 year, but that could be adapted... And with that card, you can rent any bike at any time. You get the first 30 minutes free, so the idea is to move around easily, you take one bike from one station, and cycle to your destination and leave the bike in another station near it.

My only concern in DLRP is that is not really designed for bikes, they would need to have some paths for bikes only - imagine trying to cross the Village in the evening, with people everywhere!

Still, it would be so nice, imagine starting your day with a nice cycle ride from the hotel to the park!