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Started by QTXAdsy, July 27, 2009, 09:25:08 AM

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Ok, let me explain. Some of you know that my Idea for DRP's 20th year that I would add a war of the worlds type ride. Well lets get started.
The ride takes over HISTA which many of you may be happy about but if not, oh dear...

First, guests enter the building were they are surrounded by lots of Martian Weapons including Heat rays, tenticles, tripod and handling machine feet. Theirs even Martian bodies in large test tubes aswell!  
Here is what I think it'll be like ... /wotw1.jpg

The guest are then sent into the preshow room which explains almost everything.

The preshow starts of by a man called George Wells, head of the exhibition, welcoming guests the Wells exhibition were he talks about the Martian invasion of 1898 and how it was stopped. The preshow also explains that all the martian stuff in the room you have just passed were found on the battle sites.

George also explains that you are part of a mission to stop the Martians by sending you back in time in the A3 4-6-2 rover shown below. ... /wotw2.jpg

As you can see, It is very retro looking, plus, who can guess were the insipration for them is from. :wink:

After leaving the preshow, guests find themselves in the private underground loading area which is a retro version of our RNRC.  
As guests board, audio which is 'radio' broadcast from George himself who will be your guide on your journey. The Rover enters the time machine part were guests are sent to 1898.(The ride has the same track layout of Dinosaur and Indy) The Rover arrives at Horsell Common were a cylinder has landed and a heat ray fires at you!

After escaping that, you end up in a forest were you hear people screaming as you can see a leg of a fighting machine nearly stomps on you. ... txadsy.jpg

The Martians are after you with various heat rays being fired at you. All is going well until, your rover breaks down! George on the radio says he and his men are trying fast as they can to get you going again. As your pitch blackness at this point, you don't know what is going to happen. Suddenly you can feel a tripod behind you were it's tenticles come down and touch the guests before the rover speeds off.
George explains through the radio that the rover manged to lay a bomb on the common and that it will detonate in 30 seconds! Many fighting machines try to catch you or block your path as you try to make it out alive. During the final countdown, the rover just makes it back to the present day were George welcomes you back saying the invasion fell short just at  the north London area.  
Guest enter the loading area and exit the rover into the gift shop area.

Could something like this be built at Disney? I hope so. :)

Also I couldn't think of what the outside area would look like. :oops:  However if anyone on this forum would be kind to sketch out what they think would be good, then I would be very greatful. :)

Here Come The Belgians!


Very cool, as I said in the other topic, I absolutely love the idea. I reckon projections in the woods scene could make it look like people are actually running away, would be quite cool.

I'm not quite sure how you could do the exterior. Maybe make it look like a laboratory? Then the queueline is scientists doing experiments on alien artefacts they have discovered?
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Well I was thinking something that would blend in with the rest of Discoveryland. Something a bit sinster though at the same time.

Here Come The Belgians!


As I said in the other topic, I could completely imagine this happening. If something like this was built I would completely restore my faith that Disney can still produce original e-ticket attractions. Love your ideas! :wink:

The Butlin Boy

Fantastic, fantastic ideas QTXAdsy, they're absolutely brilliant. You've taken a good, classic, solid story, fit it in with the classic Discoveryland themes and ideas, and turned it into an amazing and original E ticket attraction. In short, taking Disney back to its theme park roots. Bravo! =D>

Walts heir

that would be great but not very likely because war of the worlds is not a disney movie
but after all neither is star tours
i wouldnt want HISTA to disapear i actually love it


great idea.... strange really because i happen to have just bought the soundtrack for the musical :-D
but maybe it will work better (and cheaper) as a 3-D movie. but remember: 'the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one....but still they come!'