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Started by lil-shawn, February 24, 2009, 08:03:34 PM

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Quote from: "QTXAdsy"I also thought about putting a 'War of the Worlds' ride in Discoveryland but themed to H.G Wells' novel but I'll put more info in the workshop forum

I absolutely love that idea as it kinda goes back to the original imaginering of the area. What sort of ride would it be though? Maybe something like the Indianna Jones Adventure ride? Also where would it go? Maybe tear out HISTA (tbh, who likes that attraction?) and put it there, obviously the building would be bigger and probably go further back if it's possible.
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Yep, I was thinking about making it a ride system like Indiana Jones. However I'll have to make a new topic to tale ALOT more info. :wink:

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That really is a great idea! So much so that I could completely see it happening if WDI were up to it! As for the ride type, I could see it working with a Great Movie Ride-type vehicle.


okey dokey heres my ideas
Theme - remeber the classics. DLRP bring back some former attractions and add some new supprises.
Captain EO, Indian Canoes, The old Mill, En scene voils platte and the Peter Pan show that ran in adventureland all to be bort back
A new stage show based on the latest disney movie to be made at Videopollis
Return of the Main Street Electrical Parade for a temporary run all year
A bigger version of Wishes
Soarin and fantasmic and new dark rides at
A new mediteranian hotel
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I don't know what they're going to do but they Will do great I am sure of that
I hope they make new rides