How about a Chinese Restaurant in DLRP ?

Started by Pete's Dragon, July 11, 2008, 06:08:01 PM

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Pete's Dragon

Ah man, my mouth's watering now, think I'm gonna get some Kung Po Pork delivered for my dinner 8)

Pete's Dragon

they could even call it The Lucky Cricket


Quote from: "Pete's Dragon"they could even call it The Lucky Cricket

wow that would be awsome!  :mrgreen:
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cheshire cat

I love the idea of a chinese resturant, i think they should put it in the studios as there are not that many sit down resturants that i can think of.  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

They could make it a chinese buffet. (only an idea). lol  

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"Imagine a Pagoda-styled building serving the best of oriental cuisine." - I think Best Of wouldn't quite fit at Disney Paris. Anyone who isn't blinkered and enjoys eating good quality food wouldn't expect it. You can eat good food at DLRP but it costs dearly, I doubt you would find it in any themed restaurant at the resort, too much emphasis on costs i'm afraid - we all love Disney but there is a limit to what one would call "quality".

Pete's Dragon

OMG !!! Here's a blast from the past, my very first post resurfaces. I'm feeling all nostalgic  :D  :oops:


Maybe if the future of dlrp has a park called "Westcot" coming then im sure there would be a chinese restaurant in the China pavillion if it had a world showcase !  :wink:


This post made me think of how much I want to work for Disney. I want to be able to take such ideas as this and turn them into something real. But how to go about it and get the job? Argh...

Yes...a chinese restaurant is definitely lacking, but I eat chinese so often that I actually like that there are so many other types of cuisine. But yeah, "Mushu's" would be great. All the antient spirits painted on the wall...uhh

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With insense sticks burning in places, but ones that won't effect peoples allergiies :D
And I'm thinking blue lighting in places  :mrgreen:
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