Candleabration - is Mickey "breathing"

Started by mattboywonder, September 29, 2008, 09:36:47 PM

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Has anyone else noticed that in the 2008 Candleabration Mickey appears to be breathing.  The snout on Mickey's head is actually moving rapidly like breathing?  It is quite noticable during the slower parts of the routine.  His face is also quite shiny which may have something to do with this type of Mickey head.

Anyone else notice this??
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It's actually more like sniffing, his nose jumps up and down!  :D


I've never noticed that before, thats so cool, I'm going to try and see if its clear on any videos!

Thanks so much for posting!  :mrgreen:
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To add: it's not a new effect, Mickey used to do it from time to time during meet 'n' greets too.  It's like Timon blinking his eyes in Legend of the Lion King.  :)



yeah I noticed this in my home video I took last November, I think it's so cute, I have to agree with kristof that it looks more like sniffing but eitehr way it's really sweet! I love that moment when he turns and lights the candles!! :D

Aveen xxx
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