Cleanliness at DLRP... what do you think? for us

Started by Tinkerbelle, August 08, 2008, 10:38:11 PM

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You are so right Aveen.
I've been to Florida only once in 1997 so I can't compare, because I don't remember.

It think too, they do a great cleaning job considering the (mis)behaviour of some guest.
So many guest per day and very, very little dirt.


we were there last week and one of us needed the loo during the extramagic hours , so we nipped to the ones behind autopia, and they were filthy already, the loos were full up with paper and stuff had been spilt on the floor, at which point we didnt blame Disney as within an hour you wouldnt expect the toilet to be trashed, but what an earth was going through the guests mind when they did it, i popped in later and it was spotless so good job there. Also whilst queueing for POTC we watched a lady tip half a box of popcorn on the floor and then put the empty box in her bag, why would you do that??? - oh and to my surprise it wasnt one of us brits.