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Started by Kristof, May 01, 2008, 08:44:59 PM

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Remco K.

With the rumours of a Ratatouille addition to the Toon Studios, it again sounds like a good idea to turn the Toon Studios into a Pixar Place kind of area. The mixed Disney characters/Pixar characters area feels a bit weird. They can be mixed in one park, but it would probably make more sense to give Pixar their own area. The 'Magic Carpets' can easily be located to Adventureland next door (it makes a nice fit in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World). At this location they can adapt one of the rides from 'Bug's Land' (DCA). The Animagique building could house the 'It's Though to be a Bug' 3D show. This would add 2 attractions while also losing 2, but it will give more identity to the area.

On the large field behind 'The Art of Disney Animation' a version of 'Toy Story Midway Mania' would be build.


I wouldn't really like to see the area be renamed to Pixar or have the original 3 attractions taken over, there's no need. The general public see Finding Nemo as "Disney" just the same as Aladdin or the Sorcerer Mickey marquee. Pixar really IS Disney, or at least has been for the last 10 years.

If I had one major wish for Toon Studio: REMOVE THE PARADE ROUTE! The original area is still awful. Not because of the bare blue buildings, not because of the horrible grey floor, not because of the low and dead-looking plants, the parade route! It's this giant cut through the entire land, meaning there's no sense of discovery or excitement to the first area.

I really hope in the future it heads up Hollywood Blvd instead and they redevelop Toon Studio properly.


i would love to build a Monsters Inc rollercoaster!!

based around the last scene in Monsters Inc, where Sculley, Mike and Boo are holding on to doors trying to escape Randall  :lol: that would be a lot of fun

but it wouldn't be a fast rollercoaster like Rock'n'Roller or Crush..one for the kids but also one for the adults!!
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