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Started by Kristof, July 08, 2008, 01:16:30 AM

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To complete Ant's list, The Steakhouse is in fact operated by Groupe Flo.  :)


Quote from: "pussinboots"Interesting. Looking at that list, it seems arbitrary that they don't run the Steakhouse or Planet Hollywood. It has to be said that they don't do an awful job with these restaurants at all — barring New York Style Sandwiches — and it makes you wonder if the in-park fast food wouldn't benefit from a little outsourcing...
New York Style Sandwiches has always seemed very close to the in-park counter service; some of the same sandwiches, fries and other things. I presume that newish Coca Cola kiosk at the entrance is also Groupe Flo, despite serving the same food as say Casey's Corner? And perhaps La Grange at the top of Billy Bob's?

What's the actual advantage of outsourcing these places, considering Disney already operate all the park and hotel restaurants?


I reckon the benefit is it saves money for EuroDisney SCA?

Anyway, the projects that might be announced in the First Quarter Report could be Villages Nature according to "normand" & "mykey" on Disney Central Plaza;
They say the decision is "imminent" and the delay is down to the state rather than EuroDisney SCA or Pierre & Vacances

Personally, I'd rather new REAL attractions, things like ToT or TSPL


There's a great new article on Disneyandmore about possible future projects:


Mostly rumours we've all heard before, but there are a few new things. What I found most interesting is that World Of Colour is being considered for WDS. Not only would it be a fantastic night-show for the park, but it would add a nice water body to the park as well.

And apparently the 20th anniversary attraction still hasn't been decided. :roll:


WOC would be a smart move for WDS, its running costs would be significantly lower than Fantasmic, it would just cost more for the startup. Maybe a smaller version and some unique segments (the show is meant to be easy add changes)

They really need to decide on this 20th attraction soon, its only a couple of years away.

DLRP needs these additions, it could be a big 10 years for the resort.


I've started a new topic of the World of Color rumour, continue here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8603

Never thought I'd be putting WoC and WDS in the same sentence!


A very interesting article, but as long as there are no announcements, concept arts or blueprints, I highly doubt all the plans, but I really hope that this will all come to reality.

A small version of WoC would be great, but I think the costs to build the lake and the show are too high for ED SCA. What I don't get is, why doesn't TWDC pay for anything? They are investing a lot of money in Hong Kong, but nothing in Europe. TWDC just ows 3% more of HKDL than of ED SCA.

I really hope the rumour with Star Tours II is true, because this attraction really needs an update.
For the 20th birthday I would like to see The Little Mermaid instead of Ratatouille, because DLP deserves also a new attraction.


Quote from: "dagobert"For the 20th birthday I would like to see The Little Mermaid instead of Ratatouille, because DLP deserves also a new attraction.

I agree, Disneyland Park should get a new attraction for the 20th, after all it's not WDS that's turning 20. But I would love to see both attractions eventually...


It's really not that exciting, is it. That lake and the World of Color rumor would be, if you ignore all track records, which tell us that it will most likely be postponed until World of Color has turned into yesterday's news and only the lake remains. Soarin' in an art deco building? Of course they'd be planning that, just like we're all planning to improve our French someday. Indy and Splash have turned into two moderately exciting new rides, neither of which has been confirmed yet. The Disneyland Hotel expansion rumor, which was never earth-shattering but at least plausible, is getting smaller every year. The only thing that looks remotely certain (to make a real and positive impact on the resort) is the Disney Village/hotel area/Val d'Europe expansion.

Well, they'd better build The Little Mermaid for the 20th, and it had better be good.

Oh, and it looks like the by now famous DLRPToday article has another believer...


I cant believe no one can give us some factual info regarding future plans at DLP...rumours mean nothing...facts mean everything ...lol
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Quote from: "electricdreams"I cant believe no one can give us some factual info regarding future plans at DLP...rumours mean nothing...facts mean everything ...lol

lol . . .  but is down to DLP to tell us of what will be happening and they will have new projects planned but would not want to release this due to competitiors plus there is alot of planning would have to go in before they actuly say something will go ahead i.e. budges, planning/building permission and so much more

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