The Lion King Adventures Dark Ride

Started by TowMater, July 08, 2009, 06:40:46 PM

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I have mentioned this on few of my Imageering topics and so I have finally made a topic about it.

I thought this ride would be great at Adventureland, Possibly an extension or squeeze it in somewhere.

The entrance will be a rocky styled entrance, One with the stand by queue and the other Fastpass and with the ride logo towering over the entrance.

The queue should have a Rafiki animatronic telling riders "Hurry up, You follow old Rafiki, The king is waiting" and even intracting with guests and around the corner should have Flatscreen TVs featuring clips from the three films and Circle of Life playing in the background.

The loading area is just like Peter Pan's but without no pirate ship, The car is shaped like a bug with wings.

The ride starts with all of the animals at a 47ft Pride Rock then Rafiki lifts Simba up and Circle of Life echos in the background as the bug turns round the corner, Mufasa shows Simba the whole kingdom (The bug stops here for a couple of seconds as Mufasa talks) and as you leave Pride Rock the catchy rythem of I Just Can't Wait to be King gets louder as the guests and the bug are surrounded by colourful animals and then a 20ft animal tower with Simba and Nala on top finishing their song, The bug enters the misty Elephant Graveyard where the cubs and Zazu encounter the hyenas and gave chase then the cubs escape and Scar plots his plan to the hyenas (The bug stops here until the song has ended), Suddenly it all goes dark and the bug is surrounded by hyenas and then as the bug enters the gorge widebeast charge towards the bug, the guests and Simba and then all the sudden the guests see Mufasa falling off the cliff to his death.

Simba runs away into the jungle and meets Timon and Pumbaa who notices the guests and tries to catch the bug (The bug stops at a projecter showing the three friends on a log as Simba grows into a adult).
The bug turns round the corner and Simba and Nala are reunited then Nala convinces Simba to come back then Rafiki catches up with the riders and shows Simba Mufasa's Ghost.
Simba goes back to Pride Rock and attacks Scar as fire erupts around them and the guests, As the bug enters the finale room, Simba marches onto Pride Rock, Looks up and roars, The pride has gone back to life like magic then Nala and Rafiki with their new cub arrives with Simba and shows the cub to the whole pride as the bug leaves the finale room for the loading area.

Guests leaves and enter a Lion King shop + Character Greetings with Timon and Rafiki.
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I completely love this Idea! :D Good Work TowMater!
The only thing is I don't know if Adventureland would have room for it.
Maybe if the 3rd gate is Animal Kingdom you could put it in there.

The Butlin Boy

Fantastic idea TowMater, The Lion King is such a great film and I agree that it could make an incredible ride :)

Walts heir

That would be great I also think adventure land would be great because adventure land needs more rides
this is really precise it's a great idea maybe you should sned it too Disney


=D>  =D>  =D>  =D>  Wow brilliant ideas there...wish they would do that, I would love it and as everyone says the lion king is a great of Disney's best in my opinion! A ride based on it would be amazing.. I think theres so many great rides that could me made if the different lands were able to extend!
Luv Aveen xoxo