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Started by Javey74, September 12, 2007, 01:53:53 AM

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I had read the story about Disneyland being closed a few times, and often in reliable sites, and to be honest I had told it myself a few times. I was very surprised to find out it was not true (and researched it in a few places before being convinced of it)  :wink:  With the internet, it's not always easy to tell facts from fiction!


Even before the Internet!

Just before our first trip, I went to get a haircut. And I had this old-fashioned barber. "Any vacation plans?" - "Yes, we're going to Disneyland!" - "Ah... they've abducted children there, you know?"

That's when I started learning about Urban Legends, and I learned not to trust them. I'm glad I found snopes.com back then (which adresses that issue as well).
Life is different.


Quote from: "never2old"Not wanting to cause any trouble here, until recently I thought that the story about the park being closed for Khrushchev was true... But it's not. They thought that the security risk was too great and he was denied his wish to visit the park (to Disney's and Khrushev's dissapointment)

You can read about it here, or here, and even hear it from Walt himself:


Lovely video N2O. I love Walt's laugh. He seems like such a nice guy.

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Well, interesting debate here on a fact, or myth as it may seem..  :mrgreen:

The Walt Disney Family Archives was the reference point, but the paragraph was actually taken for the book named: Fantasic Facts by John May out 1993 ISBN: 0 75250 030 9

It was a well established book at the time, which contains a glossary of about 200 reference points at the back for all information given within..  :|

Mmmmmmm.. :roll:

Walts heir

I knew most of these but not the one about Daisys voice