Disney Village Expansion/Improvements

Started by Kristof, August 21, 2005, 02:18:16 PM

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All posts about the future expansion/improvements of Disney Village go here.   :)  :wink:


And the first news comes from http://www.newsparcs.com, they've made a summary of the coming changes over the next years.  Sounds all great!

Disney Village will undergo many changes in the coming years. The new ENX Fantasy Leisure Zone will open in october, inside the Imax building and will feature billiard, bowling, videogames, baby-foot and games for the kids.

After that, a Chinese restaurant will open in the same area.

Within a few years, a new and smaller TGV station will open next to the car park.  

The ESPN stadium, a huge sportsbar, will open next to the TGV station.

It will also be the location for the new discotheque of Disney Village, which will probably mean the end of Hurricanes.

And finally, the largest Disney boutique in the resort, the World of Disney store, will open across the ESPN Stadium.

No dates are known, but this is what we can expect the coming years.


It does definately all sound just perfect for Disney Village.  I hope they get started on it as soon as possible!

One major good thing about these expansions is that they're all in the "new" area of Disney Village, and so the "old" area will probably because more pleasant as a result.  :)


An insider has sent me some interesting information regarding this topic.  

QuoteThe current Sports Bar is supposed to be closed next year to be replaced by an Italian restaurant. Apparently, Groupe Flo (which is already operating most the Village's restaurants like Annette's, Café Mickey and King Ludwig's) has rented the space... And because there's this "new Sports Bar" coming up (probably the ESPN thing) nobody is going to miss watching Eurosport at the resort...


Thanks for the info.  :wink: Yay, an Italian restaurant!  My favourite!  :D

I wonder if the Chinese and Italian restaurants will be themed to Disney characters (eg. Mulan), some kind of historical reference (eg. King Ludwigs) or just sterotypically to the country itself.  Personally I think Disney characters belong more in the parks, so themes like King Ludwig's would be great...  I can't think how they'll turn the exterior of the Sports bar into an Italian theme though.  Hopefully the outside seating will be removed anyway, it takes up way too much space... (a roof terrace would be better).


It's also very clear that the "concentrated United States" theming is messed up for good.   :lol:


Quote from: "raptor1982"It's also very clear that the "concentrated United States" theming is messed up for good.   :lol:
Yeah!  There's no going back now...  Personally I like the "World Showcase" theme much much more, even if things do look a bit odd so close to each other.

One thing I can't get my head around with this expansion though is the two seperate entrances to Disney Village there will be.  The original one has the "Disney Village" arch, but the new one with the big new Disney store and so on won't have anything.  Basically, it won't look like it's part of DV at all, just like a few buildings right in the middle of the resort...  They need some way of linking the two parts together, or at least making them look like the same part of the resort.  Personally I'd like to see a redesigned Disney Village archway (featuring a new logo - and not the boring current one!), and then a scaled-down duplicate put up at the new entrance.  I'm also thinking that if they don't put some kind of entrance gate at the new entrance then they won't be able to do security checks, and with a big ESPN Bar and World Of Disney store that are bound to attract huge crowds, that could be a major problem...


why don´t they build a theatre there for ione of the fantatastic productions of dineys theatratical productions??

like beauty and the beats or the lion king....

i thinkit would work quite well...


the Lion King Musical is coming to Paris in september 2006 in the MOgador Theatre. :)
Hug it out bitch !


Disney Village's starry sky and columns to soon disappear!

According to dlrpmagazine.com, Disney Village's infamous red and white columns and the starry night effect of the lights between them will still be no more!

From 16/17th October 2005, work will begin to remove them and also move the central stage to a new location.  The work has the aim of improving circulation in the Village and making it a nicer place to spend time.

Hopefully they'll put something in instead though??  It'd look a bit dull without them, and they give the area a nice sense of cosyiness and height...  :(


Well, I didn't like the columns, but the stars were so nice!  Hopefully they'll re-do all the buildings in a more timeless design...


The work has started in Disney Village!  The games have been removed and the stage is being dismanteled.


It's good news that the games are going at least - I always hated them.  I wonder what they'll replace the stage area with?

I agree with you Raptor that it's a shame the starry sky is going.  I do like the columns (except the dodgy ones with plastic figures in them, and the ones which totally block the paths), but since they don't have them in the new part of Disney Village then I suppose it'll be good to have both sides more similar.




DLRP.fr has pictures of the new Nex leasure center!