"Jardins en Scene" at Disney Village Dome

Started by Riebi, April 19, 2008, 06:36:31 PM

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From 31. May till 2. Juni 2008 Disney Village gives space for the first "Jardins en Scene" festival ("Showgardens festival")

6 diffrent garden expierences will be open for the guests:


(source: http://www.jardinsenscenes.com/evenement/jardin.htm)

You can read more about this at the homepage:

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Well this should brighten up Disney Village even more! Wow.
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for 3 days, hardly worth it, but should brighten up the village for them days.


Are they really going to do that to the corner of Lake Disney, with the fountain and the gardens?  The spot on the corner as you head towards Newport Bay Club? The grassy patch there is always a bit unmagical for such a central location.

Hopefully I'm thinking of the right spot and hopefully it'll stay after the event. A kind of mini-Fantasia Gardens would be perfect there. Even that small fountain in the concept would be a big bonus.


I ask me the same. Just can hope that they won´t demolish it again after the festival.

Seems that they show diffrent gardens in this corner. I don´t know if the herbs or veg. garden will have a long life but I hope the water garden and the flower garden. They could easily turn the herb and veg garden into flowers.

Could make this spot again clean and nice. I remember it was it before 2002 or so.
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There are some beautiful pics at photosmagiques.

How was the gardens in real? And do the gardens now stay there for longer time?
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Some background information: the gardens are grown biological, without the use of harmful pesticides.  

I loved the wild flowers section with the clovers and poppies!


Yes that really a favorit! Especially  cause such wild flowers isn´t something you see at every corner in DLRP :D
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So is that what this was?


wow, that looks really nice, wish i was there to see it


But is it all gone now? The Festival is over isn't it?
No touchy!


yeah, like i said. It looked beautiful to see it in the village, but for 3 days  :|