DLRP Best Concert Ever...What Do You Think ?

Started by Javey74, March 11, 2008, 11:35:38 PM

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Hi, I was thinking along the lines of creativity, when I got thinking of a great show that DLRP could hold.  I would definitely be an all ticket occasion at some cost, but surely worth it. :D

How about all of the main themes used passed and present being sung live on stage with the original artists.  So you would hear the likes of Tatiana Hancheroff (Singer of All Around The World), Monica Löfgren (Chante C'est Noel), Sue Ann Carwell & Joey Diggs (Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm), Renee Sandstrom & Ruben Martinez (Just Like We Dreamed It) Lea Salonga (Singing Voice for Ariel, Mulan and Jasmine). Tracks like, A whole new world, Reflection and Part of your world.  Also featuring Amy Adams (That's how you know, True loves kiss and Happy working song) from Enchanted.... :D/  I can hear it now.  =D>

You could have the Disney on Classics orchestra playing all of the tracks mentioned above, aswell as instrumental tracks, inc....Fantillusion...Grim Grinning Ghosts etc ! !

I know this would not be easy to put together, but with time and effort not impossible.

What do you think  :D/


Wow!! Maybe as a special event for something like the 20th or 25th anniversary?

I've had an idea for ages to use Le Theatre du Chateau for a Summer nighttime musical show, a bit like proms in the park, playing the scores of Space Mountain, Phantom Manor, etc. A large orchestra on the stage, and water jets, fountains and water projection screens bursting up from the moat behind in time with the music. Imagine the sweeping intro of the Phantom Manor theme as fountains swirl and scenes from the ride fade onto the water screens. :o Water cannon fire blasting across the moat behind the orchestra for POTC, or the moon from De La Terre a la Lune suddenly appearing behind as Steve Bramson's score reaches its peak. A bit of a Fantasmic for DLRP fans.

So maybe they could be combined? Slot instrumentals between the songs. Do it as a hard ticket event a few nights per year in proms season, like those One Mighty Party events, but... better.


im thinking a big orchestra infront of the castle facing down mainstreet would be lovely, might be a bit hard to fit a full orchestra onto the current stage :P
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:offtopic: WWE sould hold Wrestlemania in DLP sometime lmao. The amount of money the parks will make would be huge never mind the money WWE would make :L
Well prob not Wrestlemania but a PPV for Andre The Giant in tribute to him. He is French. ;)


I've been thinking about this and maybe if they had a tent or something like a huge marquee on property somewhere (maybe the carpark?) and then they could host a concert season where over a wk or a few wks all different arstist play there or work a date there into their European tours.  

They could even use it as a promotion to sell more hotel packages if they included the tickets with say a 2 night stay or something along those lines?  I think that it could work in theory.  It could bring a whole new audience to the parks, and for those of us who already love Disney then would it not be improved by getting to see someone great live after a fun filled day in the parks!