Pirates of the Caribbean set for Tram Tour?

Started by loverjack, February 05, 2009, 10:46:57 AM

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(I hope that everyone und my english :D)
On the last sunday's tram tour a cool CM, armed with megaphone, has announced:

- In the little garden on the right of STT's station, there will be prepared a Little TOY STORY themed land
- Behind the new blu palissades that you can see from the Tram Tour station there will constructed  a PIRATES OF CARIBBEN SET!!!!!!

Obviously, he hasn't talked about and we mustn't say that to everyone  :D  
This is a google earth with show what i'm talkin about.

(a personal opinion....forget about MEGA attraction... i think there it will be just a playgroung with some little attraction really dedicated to child, nothin to much "coasterously"!!! And if u look the future green site, it's really small!!!)

That sounds really good and exciting °O°

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Sounds very cool loverjack, thanks for posting it!

I feel that if they made a Pirates set (even though it would be pretty good, if done properly) it feels like expansion will start to become a problem, the whole tram tour was placed in the wrong place, if the park is to expand to become a decent sized park every few years the tram tour will need re-routing.


Thanks for posting, loverjack. I've split this from the Toy Story Playland topic.

Well, this is something fans have suggested themselves. But the thing is -- not all CMs know everything. And they definitely love rumours just as much as us. In this case, the CM might have just been trying to liven up this empty area of the tour... Plus, if a new set was to be built , I can't see it being built there right in the middle of their expansion land.

There's your magicforum rumour-probably-isn't-true disclaimer. Now, discuss! :wink:


Indeed, this information is not correct.  The Para Tower alone will take over the grass behind AODA.  :wink:


I think it would be great for the Tram Tour to have more exciting stops as i find catasrophe Canyon the only real good bit of the ride and whether this rumour is true or not I would welcome nearly any change to the Tram tour to liven things up!:)
Luv Aveen xoxo


I feel the rumor about Pirates of the caribbean Set are true but don't see it for another 3-4 years and not in the location where loverjack said that this set would go for several reasons Noise in surrounding area destroying theming, Also this with the budget you would expect for this set you would slightly want to hide it from view to create more impact etc.


In my opinion it would be great to get a POTC-Set, any addition to the Studio Tram Tour is welcomed.


eheheh i was so excited about that news :D

in fact the 1st impression about "mine" garden is: TOO LITTLE
damn CM , they make us dream too much :D

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Might be not a good idea because of WDS's limited space


It sounds like a really good idea, to be honest.
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Quote from: "BadKid"It sounds like a really good idea, to be honest.

It will be very welcome. Let them get rid of the Dinotopia set since it is a horrible non successful movie.


Quote from: "sebassah"It will be very welcome. Let them get rid of the Dinotopia set since it is a horrible non successful movie.

I agree. The Dinotopia wasn't a successful film and I don't understand why DLP put into the tour.
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Dinatopia was a series of books and then a miniseries for TV, not a film. The mini series proved popular so they brought it back as a proper length TV series, but without a lot of the main cast. Unfortunately the second series got cancelled in the States, but in the UK we got the whole series.

I do like Dinatoia but it's not the best use of space and lost on most people. I also love Pirates of the Caribbean, the ride and then the films, but we already have it as an E-Ticket ride in the park. I'd rather see that space used for something we don't already have. They could even introduce some Marvel into the park at that point as they now own those franchises.

Ideally I'd like to see something from the older live action films but I'm not sure if they'd have the scenery and props available from those.
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