Ugly Betty back in germany?

Started by Riebi, March 19, 2008, 03:59:14 PM

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After a first try on SAT 1 with just two episodes of ugly betty, ugly betty seems find her way back to germany. Pro 7 has now the rights for it and plan to get it on the table.

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Great news for you!

I was really surprised when I read it didn't do well in a lot of European countries and was cancelled in a lot of them. All of Disney/ABC's shows do really well over here, the channels are fighting to show them as soon as possible after they're shown in the US. Dirty Sexy Money is starting on Friday and getting loads of advertising, same for Desperate Housewives which returns next week. How well does that do over there?


Belgium started airing Ugly Betty on VijfTV last week!  Competitor VTM made their own Flemish version which is very popular.


the problem in germany was, that a similar serie was aired just some month before. "Verliebt in Berlin" (Falling in love at Berlin) was a very very big success in germany with the same concept but less comedy. And SAT 1 has made some advertising like "The new "Verliebt in Berlin" fresh from the U.S." They forgot to say that Ugly Betty isn´t a all serious serie. And after 2 episodes the cut it. Very short time. :lol:

Desperate Housewives and other US series are big success. So I just can hope that Ugly Betty has a great return at pro 7. I loved the 2 episodes I saw and was very disapointed to have no chance to have a ugly betty evening.  :mrgreen:
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

...the DPG is watching U...


Here in Austria we can see Ugly Betty for the second time. ORF (the Austrian Broadcasting Company) showed the first season a year ago and now they are showing it again. I think afterwards we can see the second season of Ugly Betty. I have never seen an episode of this TV show, I just don't like this kind of TV shows.