How busy will it be on... ?

Started by roaldbergmann, January 22, 2008, 12:55:36 AM

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hi i live in newton aycliffe, which is near darlington. my sons school holidays are 7th til 18th april included but in darlington i think they are 1st april til 11th im not 100% sure on that mind. :D/


the darlington holidays are 4th-21st april toonarmylass- i know because we're in DLRP 13th-18th  :P .

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Thanks for the help guys! It is silly how they mess around with school holidays. It makes it harder to book a Disney trip for a quiet time! lol.

Oh well, i dont mind busy, still just as much fun.
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hey kurgly, for the first time they the same as ours, i just wasn't counting the weekends. my neice goes to polem hall and they already half term. anyway i know that was off topic but as you can see lozzie school holiday rtimes around then in april. hope you have a great time kurgly and lozzie. :D


Second week of February?


We've just booked a trip for Wednesday 26th March to Friday 28th March. It's the week following Easter so does anyone have any idea how busy it will be?

I checked on DLRP Magic and there's no public or school holidays at the time (In England or France). I'm still worried about how busy it will be though. :oops:


How busy does it get in the first 2 weeks of August?


Hi going 12th - 15th march, anyone know how busy it will be?
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Quote from: "rjbarker"How busy does it get in the first 2 weeks of August?

Very! i went near august during the summer holidays, and it was extremely busy!
I would try to avoid the high peak seasons if you are planning to get around the park easily and not planning to wait atleast an hour, usually even longer to get on a ride!
Also the weather is usually hot and its very stuffy.
Sorry for the negativity :)


Yay  :D/ ! I just booked us in at the Explorers for 4 nights on Sept. 14th so we can buy Dream AP's and go more often  :D ! Anyone know if it will be especially busy then? Thank you for any advice !


Hey I'm heading from April 21st - 24th, I just got a fright my pidgeon french suggests that some schools may be closed, anyone know if it will be busy then??

yes by my name I am new to this, and its my first visit :D


We are going to France May 23-29  
We are wanting to visit Disney for 2 days as part of our off site holiday .
We have been several times before including
Feb-Very quiet
Septemebr-busy but bearable
October -Quiet
This will be our first time in school holiday time (school getting funny!) how busy will it be and any suggestions as to which days best to go?
Thank so much Cheryl
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Anyone know how busy it will be Monday to Friday, last week of June before French or English schools break up?


Im going pretty much the same time you are lol, ummm yeah it should be quiet then because its school days so i shouldnt be so busy. Just dont go on sundays they are painfuly busy


We are planning to go on Christmas.
I think it will be very crowded, won't it? I have been in DLRP on Halloween, do you think this is compereable?
Do you think it's better to go a few days before christmas (20th) or is it almost as crowded as on Christmas Eve?