Studio Tram Tour concept art => Mystery solved!!

Started by Kristof, June 14, 2005, 01:53:04 PM

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I found this great little picture of concept art on

It's from the Studio Tram Tour and shows the different scenes guests would have encountered.  Now, it's very small, so I'd like to know your oppinion what what is...

1 ) The loading station ofcourse

2 ) Costuming

3 ) No idea (maybe Catastrophe Canyon?)

4 ) Movie scenes: that black creature looks like an ape, maybe George of the Jungle or so?

5 ) Also a movie scene, looks like a temple.  Dinotopia like?

6 ) Vehicles??

7 ) Something with trees and bushes I think

8 ) Looks like a stuntshow

9 ) Streetsets?!

Let me know what you think!!  :idea:


Great to see, thanks for showing this!

Well you almost said exactly what i thought too!

That third one is really hard to see, but it looks like that pump at Catastrophe Canyon (you can see it in the middle in the sky on this picture) don't you think? So i think you're right about that one too.

Number seven seems like some kind of Inca pyramid or something?

Pity we can't read what's under the pictures!



1. Loading station
2. Costuming
3. Catastrophe Canyon
4. George of the Jungle set
5. Castle set
6. Prop vehicles
7. Greenery department
8. Stuntmen warmup
9. Backstage stuntshow


Great find! =D>

They should do that jungle set, but not themed to George of the Jungle.  Just a generic ape jungle would be find. Or... an area themed to POTC2's cannibal island?  They could have an animatronic dog on the throne. :)


or possilbly even a jungle cruise theme but with out the rivers and boats
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