Soarin' Discoveyland?

Started by chipndalefan, January 01, 2008, 01:17:48 PM

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Remco K.

Quote from: "kermit"I totally agree with you but I´m a little concerned as to where the queue would go along. Soarin´at Epcot had a waiting time on dec 31 of more than 300 min (!!!). Just imagine you´re waiting for more than 5 hours (not that I would wait that long  :-" ). I think that they´re standing all the way back to Main Street U.S.A, then.
The actual show building of Soarin' would go behind the HISTA building, with the current space for HISTA and its pre-show making up for both the queue and Fast Pass distrubution centre. In fact, they could make a nice themed plaza of it, a bit in the direction of The Land at Epcot.

The Soarin' show building would need to be build below ground level though, as it would tower above the HISTA building.

Remco K.

A little update to my former post. I edited some screenshots from Google Earth to 'paste' the Soarin' show building (Epcot version) behind the HISTA building (Paris).

A nice solution, and you won't see anything from the park, as long as they make sure the show building doesn't tower above the HISTA building.

They'd also need to move some road backstage.

The Butlin Boy

Actually you have come up with a good idea there Remco, they could build Soarin' behind HISTA and have the queue where Pizza Planet is, meaning that there is a new ride in the new park without replacing an old one, and then move and improve Pizza Planet to the Studios, which needs more food retailers :)  Unfortunately, however good this idea is, I am almost certain that if they build Soarin', it will be in the Studios.

Remco K.

Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"meaning that there is a new ride in the new park without replacing an old one,
I'm sory for the misunderstanding. Actually the idea is to replace HISTA with Soarin'. The current HISTA building will be used for the queue. And perhaps even a store at the exit. ;)

As you can see, the Soarin' show building is connected with a lower roofed building that's probably currently the exit of HISTA.