[EDV] 50 Glorious Years: Hooks Galley and Skull Rock

Started by Kristof, May 15, 2005, 12:18:58 AM

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Hooks Galley and Skull Rock

Hooks Galley and Skull Rock are both part of the Adventure Isle section of Adventureland.  
They're a huge "weenie" in this area and are a perfect photo location.  
The galley was also a stage for last years Peter Pan to the rescue show.

Photo: Skull Rock and Hook's Galley in Adventureland, Paris

Disneyland California opened in 1955 with Hooks Galley in Fantasyland and Skull Rock was added later in 1960.  
The galley was, same as in Paris, a snackbar., with a terrace which gave a view on the lagoon and Skull Rock.
When the new Fantasyland opened in 1982, the ship and Skull Rock were removed and made way for a newer version of Dumbo, the flying Elephants.

Photo: Skull Rock and Hook's Galley in Fantasyland, California.

Picture from http://www.yesterland.com


I like the Galley and Skull Rock very much. They fit perfectly into Adventureland and they make you feel like you really are a pirate. But once again I prefer the Disneyland Paris`version than the Disneyland one. It just looks a bit more real.  :)
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


I agree
our Skull rocks looks better and more real than that little rocky ;))
I'll hope they keep both if the rumours of changing adventure isle to Jack Sparrow's beach is becoming reality.


Nice look on things and I also have to say wow Paris beats Disneyland again :D .  If they got rid of Skull Rock and Captain Hooks Galley in DLRP I think it would be a big mistake I just hope they don't since they fit in so well, I mean can't Pirates of the Caribbean go and occupy somewhere else :wink: .


I really hope they will keep them indeed. It belongs in Adventureland. It's some of that great theming again. And Skull rock looks soooo much better in dlrp than in Disneyland.

Jorien  :D