An Inside Imagineers View

Started by Javey74, September 29, 2007, 04:44:21 PM

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Well I was just advertising my Fotki Photo Galleries, when another Magic Member "Alpop" invited me to add my galleries to the DLRP photo section on: a site that he had created. So naturally I did, with thanks.

It was while I was looking around this disney-link site I noticed someone had added a "Fun Facts of Disneyland Paris" site at

I soon discovered that this was a really interesting site, so anyone with a curious mind like me, and would like to know things that are sometimes kept secret, or are not really known about DLRP are right here.  An Imagineers paradise!  It even tells you about finding the "Hidden Mickey's"!

 :!: Warning: Please be aware that some information given is reported, and some is confirmed, at times by Imagineers.  Also there are some secrets given away that may spoil the fun for some.  If you are one of those, do not click the above link.

Luckly to keep with the regs on this forum there are no backstage photo's anywhere on the link.  :wink:


I'm glad to see that the site is doing what it's supposed to. Thanks for posting this and it seems I'm just following your posts around!