On my last trip to Disneyland Paris I bought...

Started by Disneyana, September 24, 2007, 01:17:15 PM

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I was really good and old bought the Bobba Pete action figure, but the time before that I bought so much stuff I can't remember it all


A Bolt plush
various pins
2 cat bowls !
Phantom Manor tee  ;D
beautiful Tink Christmas bauble for my sister
Christmas dec for my son
Christmas Mickey ears decs for me
a few key rings
couple of fridge magnets
a few souvenir sweets for family
and a Jack tin of sweets for meee!

fairly reserved this trip, considering what I had to choose from  ;)

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I actually bought one of those Mickey topiary's for a friend of ours :P


Stitch Yoda figure Vinylmation

Fridge magnet
DLRP Chocolate
One keyring

and some other stuff.
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Disneyland Paris: September 2013 /*\ July 2015
Disneyland California: August 2016 (Honeymoon)

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My latest purchases.

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On my last trip (during the 20th Anniversairy), I bought a limited edition of a grey hoodie with a blue felt Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Silhouette with the worlds "20th" on it. :)


On my last trip (October 2014) I bought:
- chocolate fudge
- nougat bars
- a bag of Halloween pasta
- a little crown hairclip
- mini Chip Tsum Tsum
- mini Marie Tsum Tsum
- mini Figaro Tsum Tsum
- Duffy Christmas pin
- an Alice in Wonderland cookie tin (with cookies inside, obviously ^^)
- some postcards


An official Mickey photo
Lotso soft toy
DLP photo frame
Disney memories large photo frame
Ratatouille cup
DLP fridge magnets
3 Christmas tree ornaments
Christmas mobile
Pic n mix Mr Potatoe Head bits
Goofy hat
Minnie ears
DLP pen
Mickey drinks straw
Goofy sweets in a tin
Who wants a twig when you can climb the whole tree 😉


Got back friday between us we bought

6 photos frames
fridge magnet
3 pens
5 glasses
3 mugs
2 collectibles
hair clips
massive stitch toy
minnie mouse hat
minnie mouse ears
5 collectible coins
2 tins sweets
box chocolates
few sets of lego
stormtrooper mask
ratatouille cap
minnie mouse jacket
mr potato head
2 salt and pepper sets
think that is it


I bought these at Disneyland Paris yesterday!

The bag of Cruella was on sale (just 2 euros!!) and I loooooove the plushies!
Have courage and be kind.


Haha, that Lucifer plush with the Tsum Tsums is actually a pretty great idea :D
And a total bargain on that bag!


finally unpacked my haul;
elsa notebook
alice, frozen & tangled mugs
couple of pins
bowl & plate
mickey glasses
mickey & minnie head shaped pens
christmas decorations

Slimy yet satisfying

Love Lucafee! We have him too, he sits guarding the guest bedroom with jaque and gus peeking out of the wardrobe...our friends are well used to us by now and just laugh :-[ My thing is pins, as we visit during "seasons" I always pick up the limited editions and frame them for our study wall. One time we visited at the end of Jan and were able to pick up a framed limited edition of Cruella alongside pencil artist sketch for next to nothing...I even got my shareholders discount! There are so many things I'd like to buy just never enough room!
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