On my last trip to Disneyland Paris I bought...

Started by Disneyana, September 24, 2007, 01:17:15 PM

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We last bought:

Mickey mouse kitchen storage pots 3 for tea, coffee, sugar
DLP chrome wall clock
Tinkerbell nightdress
DLP wallet for DH
DLP baby grow for DD
Rapunzel soft doll for DD
Grumpty tshirt for DH
Tinkerbell wallet for me
Tinkerbell infront of the castle snowglobe
Tinkerbell resin photo frame
Resin photo frame with various characters and the castle on
Minnie mouse bowl
Toy story plastic beakers
Lion King bowl
Pirates of the carribean face cloth

We realy held back on shopping for once


I bought my mum a little Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Glass Figurine.
I bought my little brother a pen. And I bought my three friends a keyring each.
I can't remember what else I bought..
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For myself a pin and a 2012 calendar, the latter being a tradition since getting the 2002 calendar on our first trip.

For my wife a nightshirt, keyring and mug.
For my son a Cars hoody, Cars Mickey Mouse and cars Chocs

The standard of merchandise has been pretty bad for a few years and this year the prices seem to have gone up by about 30% compared to last year, so it's now both very expensive and generic. I miss the days when thought was put into their merchandise ranges.
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I returned at the end of November and didn't end up buying much, as the product on offer was not my kind of thing. I did however buy an amazing Goofy/Phantom Manor Snowglobe, and to match the campness of Christmas, a Mickey Disco Ball Head Tree Ornament and a Sparkly Mickey Head Wine Stopper! I promise I will put my trip report up soon, or you could friend me on Facebook as I have put some photos up on there! DM if you want! Enjoy!


Last week I bought:

Tin of classic disney characters biscuits for mum and my brothers
Tin of disney pixar biscuits for my sister and her family
Mickey bowl for my nephew

For my girls I got:
Eldest - disney princess colouring pencils, disney princess hooded zip jacet, ariel bride doll, tinkerbell keyring, 6 badges, minnie colouring set, angel notebook and ariel pen
Youngest - marie hooded fleece, minnie long sleeve top, minnie cutlery set, thumper bowl spoon and beaker set, nala wooly hat
Hubby - leather mickey smartphone case
Myself - belle glass sculpture, 2 tingerbell glasses, mickey phone case, minnie iphone4 shell, light up minnie pen, tinkerbell notebook, alice in wonderland handbag, tinkerbell bag, eeyore purse, minnie and mickey split heart keyrings for me and dh
For hone -  minnie polka dot teapot and 2 wide teacups, xmas wreath, xmas crackers, tin of xmas biscuits, 2 xmas tree decorations


i got lots of christmas decorations
umbrella (it rained everyday!)
6 disney pins
1 limited edition pin of BATB winter 2011 i got the last one!
and the photos they do with the characters
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In september i brought:

stich hoddie
Stich yod
Vinylmations x5
4 x how to draw books
2 pins
photo album
a minnie ballon
mick rucksac
a few on ride meet and greet pictures
minnie hat clip
mickey christmas hair clip.
2 fold away bags - gifts
Febuary 2004 - Day vist
July 2005 - Day Vist
June/July 2010 -  Santa Fe Hotel.
September 2011 - Hotel New York - Best mates 21st Birthday trip.

18th - 21st June 2012 - New Port Bay Club - Admerials Floor, Lakeside view - My 21st Birthday Trip


From our March 2012 trip, here is some of the Merchandise we bought>>


... and Pins>>



On our last trip in October we bought:

a Dumbo plush
Goofy plush
2 pins
mickey keyring
mickey and minnie keyring that splits into 2
a set of glasses
Goofy hat
Teatowel for my mom and mom-in-law

We have been discussing what plush characters we will be getting this, but there are so many, I just can't decide yet.  Looking forward to seeing the 20th anniversary merchandise. x :D
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Last week i bought

An angel/stitch t shirt for my daughter
an angel/stitch hoodie for myself
coffee mugs for grandparents
tinkerbell keyring
20th anniversary book
several pens for work potc etc
big mickey mouse hands and buzz lightyear yoyo for family friend
a big soft pluto plush for my daughter
I had  a coctail in Blue Lagoon restaurant and for 3 euros you can buy the coctail glass bargain!
An autograph book and pen for my daughter
a tinkerbell xmas decoration
2005 DLRP

Little mermaid 240

Last week we got

Hoody with Pixar characters
I love MK t shirt
A grab machine with the aliens from Toy Story t shirt
Expresso cup set
3 x 20th magnets
Star Tours magnet
20th travel mug with Minnie
Souvenir travel mug the kind with a cake
Noel Christmas decoration
20th snow globe
Mickey mouse notebook
Pirate of Caribean pen
Skeleton gloves - daughter had cold hands
Love peace and Disney phone cover

Lastly a medium Stitch  :thumbs:
Little Mermaid x


On my last trip (last month) I bought:
- WDCC Snow White figurine: 'Sweet Tempation'

- An Ariel figurine/music box


These were my last purchases.
Though, my last visit was last September, hehe.

t-shirt Toy Story

mug / bowl Scar

Simba baby comforter thinggy


Quote from: "Fairest-one-of-all"On my last trip (last month) I bought:
- WDCC Snow White figurine: 'Sweet Tempation'

- An Ariel figurine/music box

WOW!! that Snow white figurine is absolutely beautifull! Just like the movie coming to life :D How much did it cost? Might think about buying it in August :D

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@ Disneydancer92: Thanks!! :D I't's a Walt Disney Classics Collection figurine. :) It costs 119 euros.
It's quite a lot, but totally worth its price! :D