Imagineering Competition

Started by MickeyItaly, November 25, 2007, 11:06:58 AM

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it's all ok!My english is terrible too.i'll search for other informations!


Quote from: "MickeyItaly"i know that link before u post! the link you post the competition was valid until january 2007!!! :roll: there is no reason to be unfriendly.
Not sure what was unfriendly about my reply.
You have asked for a link to the site, and I'm the first and only one that actually gave it to you.  That IS the site for the competition, and if no details are available for a new competition after the one that closed this year, it means there is no active competition that you can enter for...

Also, and I don't want to be too strong, as I too feel that this needs to be a friendly site, and it is, but I just wanted to point out that posting twice in a row is not friendly, and does not contribute to the site.  If you forgot something, you can always EDIT the post... (also read the forum rules at viewtopic.php?t=1032 --> last line...)

Again, I didn't want to overcome as unfriendly, in the contrary, but if everyone follows the rules, this site will be an even more pleasant one to visit...

Either way - welcome to the boards, and have a lot of fun here ;)  I know I do when reading the great stuff that appears here :)  And now I'll leave this topic for the moderators ;)
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it's all ok! :D