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Started by Kristof, April 17, 2005, 06:45:27 PM

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Quote from: "Baloo"It's also interesting that they're going to decide whether to bring it back based on guest reaction.  I'm betting they most definately will.   :wink:

I guess we have to cheer a lot then when we are there watching Wishes!!!!  :lol:


^^ I don't think you even need to tell us to do that!  :lol:  :wink:

The logo on Central Plaza is now complete:

It looks a lot nicer with the grass there now, but it's a shame they couldn't have put those signs just a little bit further round...

Apparently the projectors for images on the castle are inside the logo, which means the middle of the hub will probably be closed during the fireworks, which will work out well because people won't be able to jump on the logo!  :D

The fake rocks, which IMO look pretty good.  They're very much in the style as those already around the castle, and I think they've done an excellent job with them!  :)

According to various sources, the laser projections come from the roofs of Main Street, though I can't think where in the show they would use lasers...  :? Any ideas?


Here are the first links of a complete video of Wishes! By a French fan, posted on DLRPmagazine.com. And i got them from DLP.info posted by Joost.

http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1U24 ... DG170LUOIW
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0BIA ... DD7MQ6ZGEP
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0UZS ... 2EBR0VEQE9

What do you think of it?
This is my answer i posted on dlp.info:

Okay......it's not Wishes!  
When you compare it to the WDW version, then this a big disappointment. Nothing of the great fireworks that i would have loved to see at DLRP too, is here to be seen.
Bút if you just look at it as a show (not just as fireworks) then i think it looks good, it's just completely different than the WDW version. And i think when you are there, with the music, the projections, the fireworks and just the whole atmosphere..then it still will be a great show to watch!  

I still can't wait to see it for myself, and i know i will enjoy it!!!


Found another link of a Wishes video, a compilation of the whole show. It's from Sven's website. He's a castmember, so i think this video is from the 15th.

http://users.pandora.be/patscompany/Dis ... ishes!.wmv

On this video you can see the projections on the castle a bit better. I have to say that i really like those projections.


i saw it it on svens web site.....

thats cool even if i don´t like the laser things i loved the firework and the whole show makes sense... u know what i mean there´s a story..  ........ a beginning and a ending....


OK, here I go!  

This show is what I've expected!  Low on the fireworks but lots more creativity with lightning effects and projections!  I think DLRP has done a great job with all the problems that daily fireworks create in Marne-La-Vallée!  Remember, the use of fireworks is very, very limited due to the surrounding villages!  

Wishes is nothing big, but sweet and creative and fits in our park!


Nice to hear that Raptor! At least someone who has seen it that is positive about it.  :wink:
From what i've seen on the videos i like it too, okay...it's indeed not a big fireworks. But why does it have to be exactly the same as the WDW version. I think DLRP handled it really well!

Looking forward to seeing it in a few weeks!!!  :wink:


I just love it.
Especially the fact my two favo characters are present: Maleficent and Aladdin.
It's something completely different as Tink's fireworks. You can't compare those two things.
Wishes is a sound and light show and not only a fireworks show.
I can't judge about the WDW version yet, I will be able to do that in September. So I won't be negative about Paris.


It's so nice to see people being positive about it, unlike on one forum :lol: .  I think really the 2 look so different, but with the same track, in a way makes me want to visit WDW to see the other more firework version, now only 21 days till I see paris version :D .


Our video of Wishes is here!!!



Thanks for this great video!!!!!! Very good quality, and again also very good sound quality.

Thanks for sharing this video with us. You can never have enough videos!!!  :wink:


Well, after seeing the show on the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th I think I'm just about ready to give my opinion...


Even though they cut out the IMO best part of the music - "Go The Distance", it's still a fantastic show.  As has been said, the emphasis is more on an all-round show and a more complete experience rather than just loads of fireworks.  The laser effects are simply incredible.  Those opening outlines around the castle are superb and then the sparkling from the Blue Fairy, thunderbolts, etc. are so cool.  And as if I hadn't enjoyed the show enough they had to go and really surprise me with the beautiful Wishes laser logo projection at the end!

So overall, it's absolutely nothing like the WDW version in terms of visuals.  Maybe there are a few nods to it, like the very sparkly gold fireworks, but overall Paris have definately made it their own.  It was probably an incredibly wise decision to spend the budget for this show on things like laser and image projections - these are things that can be used again and again, night after night - and for many years to come.  That way, they can use them again in following years - the lasers in particular are way more flexible than I'd imagined.

The only things I don't like about the show are:
- No "Go The Distance" section
- The Park Closing announcement right after the show is rather unmagical, but having said that I guess it is quite necessary...
- NO CD!!!! ARRGHH!  The amount of times I looked in Town Square Photography and The Storybook Store for a CD...  :x

But apart from those few minor bad points it's beautiful.  I loved it more and more each night, to the point that now, tonight, I'm having major withdrawal symptoms from not seeing it.  I think I might go and watch back one of the 3 videos I got of it...  :lol:

EDIT: How could I write all of that without mentioning the first night of Wishes, when it started just after 23:25?!  :lol: I found it really funny that the show started so late on its first night after all those test runs.  Anyone else who was there will have heard the impatient slow clap that went around Central Plaza... unfortunately it seemed to block out an announcement apologising for the delay...  :roll:  :D


QuoteHow could I write all of that without mentioning the first night of Wishes, when it started just after 23:25?!  I found it really funny that the show started so late on its first night after all those test runs. Anyone else who was there will have heard the impatient slow clap that went around Central Plaza... unfortunately it seemed to block out an announcement apologising for the delay...

lol yeah  :lol:   We had fans from Disney Central Plaza forum around us who kept on screaming Wishes with a French accent...  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


Oh great a forum with people who love wishes !!!  :wink:  :D  I need to say that I really love it too, and I'm so sad that I can't see it myself. I wish I could. But thanks to your video, wich is great ! =D>  I saw it. I love everything of it. It's a fantastic show with a wonderful soundtrack ( which I will now never ever forget) and it has very nice projections and I also like the fireworks. It's great how synchron they are with the music. So thumbs up for DLP they did a great job with it !  :thumb:  :sorcerer:
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


The amount of laughter in the "Fan Camp" on the 17th was hilarious. Lots of people SITTING in front of the castle were laughing, joking, screaming sarcastically. I did feel embarassed shwoing a non-Disney fan the fireworks after so much hype, but at least the effects were great.

Shame they skipped that music too Baloo, Go The Distance is just made for fireworks!
Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!