Celestia Spa at Disneyland Hotel

Started by maji, June 19, 2007, 02:30:24 PM

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Hi Belle,
normally seen, the Celestia Spa is open daily from 11 am till 9 pm, 7 days.
Possible treatments are: facials, Shiatsumassages, bodymassages and other treatments. Of course also manicure, pedicure etc. are available, seperately or combined in a formula. The spa offers various treatments for men and women by the way.
One of the formulas you can go for, is the Pause relaxation or Relaxing Break, ideal for couples. It is a treatment for 2, during around about 2 hours and costing 190 euros. You can also go for the well known Hot Stone massage ,duration: one hour. Also if you are staying in hotel New York, Newport Bay club or Sequoia Lodge, you can get a soothing massage with Californian oil. (you'll have to visit the hotel pool).
For the Celestia Spa you can make reservations calling 0033 160 45 66 05 or if you are in a Disney Hotel just dial 66 05. You can probably just aswell visit the information desk in your hotel for a booking during your stay.
Hope this was helpfull, I just did some research myself so don't shoot me if something is incorrect  :wink:
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