Next year's "theme"??

Started by Kristof, July 30, 2007, 07:37:31 AM

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I think "YEAR OF A MILLION THRILLS" would be nice. :twisted:


I think next years theme at least for WDS shout be the tower of terror so the park could have a spooky feel to it!!!
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:minnie: how about a disney pixar theme? :mickey1:
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Quote from: "treble":minnie: how about a disney pixar theme? :mickey1:

No, no, no!

There is far too much reliance already from the Walt Disney Company on Pixar.

Disney were great before Pixar, and at it's best - Mickey and the gang, the Princess movies, Pooh and co. - Disney is far better than Pixar.

I enjoy the Pixar movies, but Disney is far more than just Pixar, and all of Disney should be celebrated, and in particular what made Disney famous - 2D animation!


but the pixar themed disney on ice have been so popular and as much as i love mickey and minnie other characters do need to be given a chance. if not pixar how about the film classics series :cheshire_bounce:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


And to be fair to pixar most newer disney films are now pixar!!!
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No they aren't!

Pixar have only released 8 full length films and a handful of shorts, compared to the wealth of material which Disney has released over the years. I'm sick and tired of Pixar taking over Disney.

Give me Mickey and the gang, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Bambi, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Cinderella etc, etc, any day over Pixar.

I'm getting a bit fed up of CGI movies and I can't wait for Disney to really get back into traditional 2D animation which made them famous.

I don't think they'd ever have a Pixar theme anyway, because Disney realise how popular Mickey and Co and the Princesses and the classics are, they almost always take prominence in marketing campaigns, and that's something I'm thankful for.

Perhaps some of you younger forum members don't appreciate quite how important the Disney Classics are, and why some people will always prefer them to Pixar's output.

If Pixar took over DLRP, then I wouldn't have any interest in going.  :roll:


I love all the Pixar films, I think that would be a really cool film actually..

or how about a Tron theme?! dont quite know how that would work though. lol


belive me i am not young and i am 8 films off completing my classics collections however my 8 year old loves jessie just as much as minnie. disneyland themselves have always said children come first. i personally would love to see mickey dressed as woody. it would make a great collecters item, and i know my goofy collecting nephew would kill for a goofy beanie dressed as buzz. but if you really hate the idea of a pixar theme may i suggest it's a small world. why should the usa have all the merchandise :lilo:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


Treble, all the classics dressed up and pixar characters would be an excellent form of Merchandise, I know I would buy it! Imagine stitch as Zurg, now that would be funny.


:offtopic: i love stitch so much i would buy him wearing a liverpool shirt - i would have to sew a united badge on him when i got home though. stitch as other characters has work very well in asia.  :tink:  but yes mickey and friends dressed as pixar would fly off the shelves
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


Pixar gets far too much exposure!

Has to be said, Pixar never got an Oscar nomination for Best Movie!

And why should the thoughts of older fans and adults be ignored. It's been said already on these boards by other people that the demographic of visitors going to DLRP includes many adults, and adults going alone without children.

The resort needs to be marketed towards all age groups and all demographics.

I can't see Buzz Lightyear and co having the same appeal 70 years on that Snow White does.

But I doubt it's ever going to happen, Disney know the popularity of Mickey and the Princesses etc., and they wouldn't let a MINOR element of Disney like Pixar take over their resorts to the extent you're suggesting.

I'm not against the idea of doing characters dressed as Pixar characters, that's no different to Minnie dressed as the Princesses, the Star Wars themed stuff in the US parks or the Pirates themed stuff - but they wouldn't let Pixar take over the theme of the whole park for a whole year. It would be ridiculous.

I doubt they'll be an overriding theme next year. No doubt they'll be pushing the Tower and Stitch Encounter. And it could be argued that Pixar has had it's moment of glory this year with Cars Race Rally, Crush's Coaster and Ratatouille. We certainly don't need an overexposure of Pixar again next year.

No point arguing it really, it's never going to happen - they'll never push aside the famous five, the princesses and pirates. Like Pixar, they're too popular. And it goes against the whole idea of Disneyland of having 5 distinct themed lands. I think Pixar fits in quite nicely in Walt Disney Studios, but don't think it fits as well in Disneyland Park (Buzz Lightyear is okay I suppose in Discoveryland but to be honest, I preferred the Jules Verne theater - I forget what the film was called). I was quite unimpressed with Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast. I don't really see any Pixar attractions fitting in comfortably in Frontierland, Fantasyland or Adventureland. And with the emphasis on Classic Disney in Disneyland, and more Pixar in the Studio's, it would be wrong to have Pixar as a main theme covering the whole resort.


I like the pixar movies, and sorry dark prince I don't have the feeling that Disney puts too much attention to Pixar. You should not forget that Disney earned a lot of money and success with the Pixar movies. But I do prefer the 2D classic animation more too. Nut a Pixar theme would be nice, but more for the WDS. I would love to see a whole theme about Toy Story. And for Disneyland Park it would be great to see a theme about the Fab 5 only. In the last years they fixed their attention a lot to the Princesses. Now it's time again  for Mickey and his pals.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Do the math - 8 films versus over 40 films.

It's crazy to have a Pixar theme.  :roll:


Really? Disneyland has always followed the current trends - Davy Crockett, space travel, Star Wars, Indy, etc. etc. so why is Pixar any different?

It's not like Disney themselves have made any vaguely good animated films in the last 7 years... unless we have a "year of beating Stitch to death" yet again.

They may be "just" 8 films, but they're eight films which have all been incredibly popular and critically acclaimed. Disneyland would be idiots if they didn't make the most of that.

A "Year of Pixar" is the best idea we've had yet, but maybe they should save it. I personally think 2008 should just be "Year of Walt Disney Studios" or something. They can't overpower ToT.

I don't think they'll use Pixar next year, but just to annoy Dark_Prince further, here are some ideas:

- Pixar Characters' Express
A chugging express train rolls into Main Street, U.S.A. carring the biggest names in Pixar animation!

- Pixarabration
A stunning nighttime illumations show, lighting the collection of classic Pixar character statues across Sleeping Beauty Castle.

- Pixar Studio
Toon Studio is renamed for the year, the hub of the entire celebration.

- Pixarmagique
A special edition of Animagique.

- "Put that thing back where it came from" Musical On Tour
A new "immersive" street spectacle bringing the songs of the hit musical to the streets of Walt Disney Studios.

- WALL-E Encounter
Stitch is replaced for the year by the loveable robot at Stitch Encounter.

- Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Randy Newman
Rock through inversions and a thrilling lightshow to the orchestrations of Randy Newman!

- Moteurs... Lightning!
The vehicles of Moteurs... Action! are transformed to resemble those of the film "Cars".

- Pixar Cinema Parade
Speaks for itself.

- Art of Pixar Animation
All references to Disney are ripped out of the attraction for the year.

- Pixar Celebration Merchandise
Desk lamps, bad hawaiian shirts and endless movie merchandise available throughout the resort.

- Rémy's - A Pixar Restaurant
Replaces Walt's on Main Street.

Is that enough? I can go on... :lol:

I wasn't that thrilled with this idea to start with, but it'd give them a lot to work with. It won't be for 2008 though... Maybe if/when TS Mania ever makes it over here?