Reviving the Explorers Club

Started by Kristof, July 30, 2007, 11:16:25 AM

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I was just thinking...  with the boom of buffet-restaurants at the Resort, why not revive the Explorers Club??  Strip out those hideous Colonel Hathi's signs, move the pizza's back to Bella Note and Pizza Planet where they belong and put a nice buffet in place where now the cash registers are?  Chinese food would be a nice plussing for the whole park and make the restaurant stand out more.

Your thoughts?


I completely agree with you Raptor, its exactly what I always thought too! Although I would like to see a Chinese buffet overthere, I think I would prefer a more general Asian buffet with Indian curries (remember that the nearby Temple of Peril is located in India), together with Chinese and Japanese food.

If possible, I would like to see the return of the AA Tiki Birds. That is the main feature that made the Explorers Club more then just an ordinary restaurant according to people who have visited the original Explorers Club.  8)


Agreed, with both of you! I'm not totally aware of the differences between the old Explorer's Club and Colonel Hathi's, but a chinese/indian buffet sounds tasty - food choice in the parks is fairly boring, so this would be very popular.

But... remove a Jungle Book theme?!  :x Maybe they could rename it Explorers' Club but actually expand the Jungle Book theme... as if the animals have taken it over and that's why the tree has grown up through the middle. Imagine live jazz music, Kaa the snake and various monkeys reaching down from the tree to grab your food... Or is that too much like Rainforest Cafe?

Simply converting it to a buffet would be great anyway, putting aside my Jungle Book talk. Then they can reopen Hakuna Matata full time for counter service.