Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (8th April 2006)

Started by Anthony, March 14, 2005, 12:46:08 AM

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Finally, a new page!  I think we set a record for how many images you can have on one page of a forum back there...

Here is the state of the work around the Discoveryland entrance from last Thursday (15th September):



(photos from

It's good to see they've got some heavy machinery there at least.  I wonder what will happen to the Discoveryland sign now?  They won't remove it - but might they change the colours slightly?  It needs a clean up at least, it looked a bit dark and dusty even before all this work around it started.


Here's how the work looked on September 20th...

Buzz building:

Discoveryland entrance:


"Goodbye Visionarium!" - The poster is finally taken down:

And how the construction site for Buzz looks at the moment:


(source & more:


I've just read an article about Hong Kong Disneyland, which mentions this:

Quote[...]Inside the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride, a talking animated Buzz Lightyear figure speaks in English while Chinese subtitles are flashed on a display board nearby.

Will our Buzz be bi-languaged or will we have the same subtitle system?  What do you think??

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It's very likely... I think our Buzz will probably share any new design features that the HK version has, so hopefully Buzz will speak English and the French subtitles will be used.

They already have the English soundtrack, so this would mean they don't have to record a new one in French too = money saving!  :D


DLRPmagazine announces that Buzz will open on April, 8!! (My birthday  :party: )


Predictable date, but a good choice all the same.  It's a shame that it's so similar to Mission 2's last year (I hope the next two attractions open on different weekends, just to give a bit of variety to the publicity), but it does follow on nicely from Easter.  DLRP have almost created another new season for the resort with these new attractions each year - Magic Unlimited / Carnival / Easter / New Attraction / Summer Magic / etc.  It works very nicely.  :D


#67 has some photos of the refurbishment of Constellations, to get it ready for the opening of Laser Blast:



The ride will exit next to the shop, meaning some of the style of the new ride is probably being incorperated into the shop.

I was a bit upset when I first saw these photos because I've always loved Constellations, but from what I've read on various forums it doesn't seem like much will change.  I hope that all they do is clean it up a bit and make it tie into the new ride a bit through the merchandise on offer rather than garish bright green design.  :wink:   The fact that lots of French forum members now call the development "Buzz Shop" isn't good though...


A few new shots from outside Buzz:


They've painted the roof silver, right?  :?   It looks surprisingly good!  I always hated how run-down and shabby Le Vis looked from that angle (the castle balcony).

And the Discoveryland entrance work:

I don't know why they're being so slow with this, it's a fairly major part of the park which has had construction fences around it for far too long now.

All photos from


wow, it's gonna look great when it's done :D


This is surprising - they've actually got some nice 2D props covering the construction fence...


What's more surprising, perhaps, is that DLRP are actually using a nice bit of humour in their advertising there - "OPENING 8th APRIL 2006 - Batteries not included".  :D Good job!  :D


You'll never believe it, but 59million lightyears on, and they have actually NEARLY FINISHED the refurbishment and "comet mosaic" flooring around the Discoverland extrance!!!  The results are a bit "meh" though, mainly because the damn snow covers most of it up...  :lol:

It looks nice enough, not at all garish and lime green, but not that amazing either.  It's better than having pot holes and giraffes there though, so that's good.  :D  The main floor seems to be dark green with red(ish) bricks/stones forming the comet design, which then continues all the way up to Constellations.  Eventually it'll stretch to the entrance of Buzz and will probably have a bit of a more interesting design there.

Going back to Laser Blast itself, reports that:

- 80% of the ride is done!
- The sets and props/accessories are in place.
- The workers are now working on finishing touches, ceilings and the animatronics.
- 7 or 9 vehicles are in place already.
- For the resort - the frames are in place already and the vehicles themselves will be installed gradually.  From 3pm onwards everyday, they're doing tests on the ride...

- The waiting line hasn't advanced as much.  Now that so much of the actual ride is done, they'll shift their attention to it.  The actual exit of the ride (which will lead partly into Constellations) hasn't been built yet.  In the months to come they'll install the attraction's logo/signage and fastpass machines plus redo the flooring (as mentioned above - it's part of the comet mosaic design).

- There are 89 targets in the attraction, and they give you more or less points depending on their shape - square, circle or triangle.  There are also some special hidden targets.
- There will also be a new "scene" in our version of the ride.  Nothing amazing though, just a short section to connect two large set pieces - it had to be put in there because of the layout of our Le Vis building.

There you go!  That's all the news about Buzz for now.  :D

( All details and photos from : )


A new metal structure is now being put up outside the attraction's future entrance.  It'll probably serve as a canopy for the FASTPASS machines as well as the main entrance canopy.  It might even hold the attraction logo, but I'm just guessing that bit.  :wink:


It'll be interesting to see how they (hopefully) turn this bare steel construction into something vaguely Discoveryland-ish!  :D


Woah - I haven't posted any photos for a while in here!  Let's get up-to-date then...

December 6th

They started putting up a new metal structure in front of the attraction.  You can see the structure on the concept art a few pages back, and it's basically for a canopy over the entrance and a cover for the Fastpass area.



December 13th

The controversial new roof colours for Buzz are unveiled!  The top of the roof is a very bright lime green, whilst the grills around the sides are silver, and the stonework has been cleaned up to look bright, fresh and new.

Maybe the brightness of that green has blinded me so that I can't fully see what they've done to our beloved Visionarium, but I have to say I think the building is starting to look *really* good now!!  I actually really love the colours of the top section of the building...

They also switched over the work on the "comet" mosaic/flooring to the entrance of Constellations:

More updates soon... Feel free to discuss anything I've posted here of course - like that new roof colour!!! *prepares for screams of horror from Visionarium fans*[/b]