The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Started by Anthony, March 12, 2005, 04:50:53 PM

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Great news!

It's not even like I'm worried they won't finish it on time, I just want to be able to see something!  :)


Finally some news about ToT!  Not sure it's true, but I'll post it anyway.
It comes from Steveparade on centralpark.

Appearently our ToT is being blocked at the customs authorities in France.  When DLRP bought the ride from Disney, everything had to be transported to Paris.  Before arriving at Marne la Vallée it had to go through the customs authorities to find out DLRP had to pay extra taxes.

According to an intern source at DLRP this went wrong:
1. DLRP wanted to let the construction and decoration elements pass through customs under the label "ELEVATOR", so they wouldn't have to pay for extra taxes.

2. The customs authorities refused to accept this under that label so DLRP is charged for extra taxes and that it labels it as an ATTRACTION.

3. DLRP refuses this and claims it's "just" an elevator...

Steveparade doesn't have any other news for the moment, but if this doesn't get resolved soon, the soft opening (31 Octobre 2007, a 13h00) could be in hazard...


Good idea again from DLRP I see, how fantastic, maybe they will use their brain next time, it's really going to go on forever at this rate, hopefully DLRP will learn next time if this is true.  Well maybe let's see a soft opening in 2009 anyone, at this rate :lol: .


Quote from: "raptor1982"3. DLRP refuses this and claims it's "just" an elevator...
Ha ha ha ha ha!  :lol:  They're great, I've got to give them credit for that if it really did happen!

It looks like some of the more basic parts for the show building are arriving though...

More photos:


It's really picking up pace now:

 :arrow: ... 5892bm.jpg
 :arrow: ... 5905dx.jpg
 :arrow: ... 5915md.jpg
(source: Sound Engineer, Disney Central Plaza)

And take a look at this awesome photoshop creation:


Wowza!!! It's looks AMAZING!!!!  :D  :D  :sorcerer:

Sweet Laker

Well, if that is really going the size of TOT i think it is way out of proportion, compared to the other rides. It is a lot higher, and i hope it wont be visable when i stand next to Phantom Manor, that would really spoil my Disneyland Parc visit. (and offcourse it wont spoil my whole vacation, but i would regrett it if i would be able to see TOT from Frontierland).


You can now download a video of the ToT presentation and trailer which were shown at last weekend's "Disney Celebration" event...

Video [54Mb]

(Source: Kyoto)

As I've just written in the Laser Blast topic, the trailers they're showing are very professional and will hopefully be the actual final ones to be shown around the resort and shortened for use as TV ads.  I like how they've used the same ad as the DCA ride but made it just as exciting without any mention of the Twilight Zone.  (Notice though, that the Imaginerr *does* mention the Twilight Zone!!)  

The reaction to ToT by the crowd is very surprising - it looks like the French fans really can't wait for "La Tour du Terreur".  :D


The latest pictures by Mon poisson rouge on DLRPmagazine forum:

 :arrow: //

 :arrow: //


Want to see what the view from the top of the Tower will look like when those famous elevator doors open?

 :arrow: ... ?l=uk&c=uk

Yes, it's the Christmas Season site!  But click on Walt Disney Studios and then find the page titled "Atmosphere".  Look at the photo - wow!!  Now just image that same view from a little bit further to the right and facing more towards to Disneyland Park and that's it - exactly what we'll be seeing in 2008!  I think our ToT has got to have the best view out of them all.  :D


ToT in Florida has a view on the cast parkinglot.  :lol:


The latest construction photos:



It's so packed full of stuff now that you can't really tell what's going on.  It looks like it has just about started "going vertical" in the last few days though...  :D  :D


OMG!!! For once, I got really excited about what was posted on board!

Outside of the Toon Studios and set off from Hollywood Boulevard, a different sort of stomach-turning experience is on the high-rise. With its Pueblo-Deco motif, exhilarating 13-story drop, and compelling storyline, The Twilight Zone® Tower of Terror will bring E-ticket star power to the heart of Walt Disney Studios Park.

"The addition of Tower of Terror will completely change the dynamic of the park," says WDI principal concept architect, director, Coulter Winn.

While much of Tower's show remains the same as can be found in California and Florida, issues with language treatment make this version of the modern classic easier done than said. Both library theaters will play the pre-show film in either French or English, with corresponding subtitles in the other language. But when it comes to Rod Serling, something is bound to get lost in translation. According to Cory, the French are accustomed to hearing the host of the Twilight Zone speak in French (thanks to the wonders of dubbing). To work with this expectation, Imagineers had to locate a voice actor who could sound like the "real" thing.

In addition to the language challenges that come with international markets, Imagineers also have to deal with different construction practices and building materials. Paris' Hollywood Tower Hotel will be a concrete building, unlike its steel-framed American cousins. As a result, there won't be as much exterior plaster, which has the potential to affect the overall look of the facade.

"Because of these material alterations, we'll need to really make sure we have the same period look as we do at DCA," says Coulter. "And we need to check all of our colorboards at the site because the color of the sky in Paris is much different from the sky in Anaheim. What looks good in California might not look good in France."

Even though Tower's November 2007 opening date is more than two years away, the project is falling—flowing, that is—nicely.

"We've just finished the drawing package and have sent that out," says Cory. "But we've also finished digging the entire 40-foot basement and there's construction going on at the site. And we're already starting to locate props and show pieces, as well." ... full&page=


It's great to finally hear them talk about our tower and really show how much work is going into it.  It's far from a simple clone, by the sound of it, which - even though we won't notice a difference - is nice.  :)

And... a November 2007 open date?  Did add that in?  They seem so sure of it opening early... I just can't see it happening.  It doesn't make sense for DLRP to do that.  Previews during winter, yes, but not a full opening.  They need to get all they can from their seasons and *then* market ToT and get all the money they can from that all over again.  And if people see the Tower under construction during their visit, they'll come back to see it finished...  I say keep it as 2008.

And a final point - THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!! YAY!!!!  I hope they use English pre-shows more than French, or have one library playing each, and split the queue.  :)

Very exciting info, thanks for posting it Raptor!


Just a quick note about the 2007 opening:  maybe it will open in late 2007 and they'll advertise it as part of a WDS 5th Anniversary celebration?  It would be like how DLR are advertising their Monsters Inc ride as part of the 50th even though it doesn't open till January...

A massive, long, over-the-top, showbiz 5th Anniversary would be AMAZING.  :D  :o


Excitement!  It's goin' vertical!