5th anniversary planning video

Started by Chimier, August 24, 2010, 08:52:20 AM

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Does anyone remember a 5th anniversary planning video for DLPR? It featured Mickey with a cauldron and he was throwing in crystal balls. I remember it being on DLPR site, but it was in German or something? Does anyone have this in English?


Hello everyone, i saw this with Youtube :


 1997 is the year of the 5th anniversary.
 1998 , the year of this Video , was not the year of the 5th anniversary, but you can see Mickey with a cauldron and crystal balls.


Thank you, this is the one, but I think the English version was released in 1997, 'cos that's when I got it, but this is it! Thank you again :)


Thanks! That's lovely. I'll refrain from the usual old-man whining session, but I think we all get the gist, haha.


You are Welcome .


The resort looks so clean, did you see discoveryland (4.36), it looks like brand new, bright clean, just shows how well the park used to look,


Thank you for sharing this. I just watched all 3 parts and loved it. Working geysers, entertainment throughout the park, live entertainment at the hotels, and restaurants that had their own themes rather than be yet another aweful buffet.

Man how I miss Disneyland PAris the way Disney used to do things.
since 2001 (many before that)


Thanks for the video!

It's so sad that Disneyland Paris can't deliver that quality anymore. Unfortunately I have never experienced DLP in the first years. I really wish Disney would bring back all the details and effects. Disney should use some parts of this video to promote the resort.


I used to have this planning VHS in English. Does anyone know its name?


Great video, thanks for sharing. Would love to see this in English  :)