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Started by xlucylu89x, July 11, 2021, 09:16:13 PM

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Hi all,

Now before I start, I know the Disney Hotel is currently closed for refurbishment and has no sign of reopening any time soon. We are currently saving for a once in a lifetime trip when it reopens and are planing on going all out to castle club.

There will be myself, my husband and our little one staying in castle club. My sister and mum will also be coming and staying at the Disney Hotel but most likely not on club level..

Mum has offered to babysit a couple of evenings with the dvds they offer in the hotel so my husband, sister and I can stay in the parks later and do the bigger rides/shop and maybe have a wander in the village.

I have a couple of questions about the castle club lounge and breakfasts. If there are three of us at club level and 2 not. Do you think they could come and dine dine us on club level and use the lounge during the day when we go back for afternoon tea etc? It's a bit cheeky I know but wondered if anyone had got away with this before 🤣

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