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Started by juttawdw, November 27, 2019, 12:22:24 PM

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Does anyone know how it works with the free drinks you get free from the machines in the hotels ( sequoia lodgein my case)? Where, how many etc?


There's 4 per person per day loaded onto your card which is also your door key and entrance into park.


I tried using my magic pass card in the first week in December, but it didn't work/register, or I wasn't doing it correctly.

Is it just a case of holding your card to the RFID slot?

The lack of instructions at the machines, or information of entitlement doesn't help.
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Yes, if all works well holding it to the RFID-reader should do the trick. It's limited to one drink per day per MagicPass.


Worth noting that the machines (at least in the Sequoia) don't do tea but do have hot water, so you would need to bring your own tea bags / milk.
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We used these last week. There is a little place to rest the magic Pass. Select the drink you want and then its dispensed. As said before it's 1 cup per person per day


So is it one per day or four per day?


Hello, It is one cup per person per day.

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