Mary Poppins?

Started by DisneyIsALifestyle, April 28, 2012, 02:04:31 PM

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I saw Mary and Bert by the Mickey Toon Studio statue on Thursday doing a Meet and Greet, and other Stars and Cars characters on other days, Jasmine for one.
and straight on till morning.


I have seen a Mary and Bert Meet & Greet in Fantasyland near to the carousel - there is a small wagon-type thing, it could be a kiosk but I can't remember too well! This was in 2010. Hope you find her and also have a jolly holiday if you're off to DLP soon.   ;)
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Quote from: "Josh"
Quote from: "littlemermaid83"You can meet Mary Poppins and Bert in the Studios around 11.30/12pm where the Stars n Cars characters all come out and do a meet and greet.
But isn't that just a normal parade, now? :)

Stars N Cars is a normal parade now but the characters do come out before the parade for a meet and greet.
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